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Sushant Singh (Private Service)     07 April 2011

Terms in an MCD

Background: 4 years of seperation already before they finanlly have started to think about MCD.

My stand till data is to take her back, however she has refused flatly to cohabit. I have a 5 years old daughter. Can you advice me please.

Can you guide me with some inputs about Mutual Conset divorce petition.

What clauses should I include ? from my side to ensure my future safety and end this as full and final.
What should be decent amout in terms of settlement money (though I know they are extremely greedy when it comes to money). Her father is very money oriented person, though the wife is not demending anything for herself, I have a 5 year old daughter.
What should be the best way forward if they demand hefty amount of money which seems irrational especially since my stand has been always to take her back. And since she doesnt seem in a mood to continue the marriage, she cannot demand alimony as per her whims and fancies.

What should my stand be in terms of visisitation or child custody. How should I make my visitation demands?

How can I ensure that the money I pay benefits the child. They will insist on lumpsum, which I am not in favour of, since they might just take the lumpsum and use it for their own benefit without the child getting a direct benefit from it. How shud I ensure that the child receives benefit from the alimony money. Can I opt for monthly payment of alinmony / child support.

How long do I have to support the child ? she is 5 years old now.

What if the negotiations for MCD fail, wouldnt it be a better option to file for divorce in court and tell the court of your intenetion to take back the wife, that way if she refuses to come back, then she doesnt get the moral high ground of a high alimony amount.

I am looking for help, and am very desperate, hope you can take time out and advice me.


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Jamai Of Law (propra)     12 April 2011

Frankly, Divorce may not end your woes.


Come out of dreams.


Who's the petitioner.

Did you come term to terms to concede for divorce? or has your wife finally accepted it give divorce?


Sushant Singh (Private Service)     14 April 2011

Wife has accepted to give divorce by mutual consent. However demands are being made for the child (child support) which is yet to be negotiated.

pujols20 (Techie)     16 April 2011


sent you a PM, please send me the terms that you are adding in your MCD.

Thanks !

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