Subject: Sudharma" My friend from Mumbai went to Gokarna for lords blessings he wanted to meet lord shiva" he started yoga sadhana fasting while sadhana peoples use to keep fruits in front of him, two months past, his father told him can eat fruits as prasad of lord. His father was worried of him he pary lord for him, he saw drushtant while prayer lordess Mahakali told him" if any girl comes an ask him for marriage then don't refuse her, it's lords wish, to get married, His father told him, the wish" an he agreed" one girl always use to come an keep fruits before him while he do sadhana, one day she asked him about marriage she told him lordess Mahakali came into her Dream an told her to ask the boy who was doing sadhana, it was Miracle" He told his father about happened, his father was happy and he thank lord" an on 15th April he got married in lord Shriram temple in Gokarna it was Beautiful Marriage held. His wife love her mom an dad, she told him I can't leave my mom an dad coz no one to see after them, he accepted that, an settled down in same village. It's understanding of life" but the situation was not good after his married life started, his wife's mom started showing her attitude nature, she use to dominate her daughter, an started managing her married life, an started blaming her husband" an miss guiding. He told his father about bad behavior about wife's mom, he got disturb in his married life, by Haressment. She started torchering him blaming his family an using bad words, an saying you can't give a child to her Daughter. His father told him be cool, when child will take birth everything will be fine, he started compromise an tried to make happy her wife with lot of love, an she at last she got pregnant, His family helped him for his home goods an needs, he use to convene his wife, how we have to keep respect in both of us families an how it's important in families related relationship, must go an meet my family for good relationship, but she only use to say one day we will go. One day 31st march she gave birth a beautiful baby boy, both families were happy, but her mom attitude harassment took very hard step after the baby boy arrived. My friends Mom was happy an went to stay an care new baby boy but she was sad coz his wife never aloud let her stay there with her. His wife's mom said the new child belongs to their family not yours, she don't want my friend should be with her Daughter any more she just want the child which belongs to husband an wife. My friends father says everything will be fine when Lord shower blessings" becoz he is creator of world. He is now roaming to holi places for blessings of Lord. When the time will come he can get his family back?

Waiting for guide line from lawyer club



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