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Krishna (Software)     16 August 2009

Stamp Duty for Gift Deed

 Hello Sir,

I would like to gift Rs.200000 to my father. For that I want to create the gift deed. Please let me know how much is the stamp duty for creating the gift deed.






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A V Vishal (Advocate)     16 August 2009

Since gift of immoveable property requires registration you need to pay stamp duty, however, in case of gift of money the gift deed can be drawn on a plain white paper stating and confirming the gift to your father. 

A V Vishal (Advocate)     16 August 2009


LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL by this Deed of Gift that I, …………….. S/o…………… R/o……………….. do, hereby, out of natural love and affection and also out of my free will and without any force, compulsion or undue influence, transfer an amount of Rs………….. to my father Mr……….. X ……… S/o……….. R/o……………. as ……………..(mention if you are specifically gifting for any purpose viz. purchase of house, maintaining himself in his old age, for his own personal needs etc………….)
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have signed this deed of gift on …………………….
In presence of
Witnesses:                                                                            Sd/-Donor……….
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Nilay G. Popat (PROPRIETOR)     28 August 2009

My mother is Gifting me Rs, 475000/- cash through A/c Payee DD. I have already made a Gift Deed for the same. Should the deed be required to registered and whether this transaction is liable to Stamp Duty in Gujarat??? Please Reply urgently>..

sanjeev gupta (Advocate)     09 September 2009

Dear Sir,

No, u have taking movable properties from ur mother, so that u have no need to pay any stamp duty on it. beacuse stamp duty is paid only on immovable properties.

Sathya (Accountant)     25 February 2010

Dear Sir

My Mother-in-law want to gift a lant worth 800000 to me n my wife. Please let me know how much is the stamp duty for creating the gift deed.



Vineet (Director)     25 February 2010

Dear Mr Sathya


Your case is different as the same involves gift of immovable property and thus the gift deed needs to be registerd. The stamp duty depends upon the state in which the property is situated.

Vineet (Director)     25 February 2010

Further the value of land also depends upon the circle rate adopted by Stamp Duty authorities for market valuation purposes.

Sathya (Accountant)     26 February 2010

Dear Vineet

The land is in madurai and it is in the circle of Panchayat. Government land cost value is 65000/Cent. I wnat to know the registration cost and the possibility of registering the land in my name and in my wife name.



Vineet (Director)     26 February 2010

DearcMr Sathya,


I am not very well versed with the geography of Madurai and surrounding areas, however, as per Tamilnadu stamp act, the stamp duty on gift deed of immovable property shall be charged as if conveyance. So in your case it will be 6% of market value of property.


However, it will be most prudent if you consult any loacal lawyer in Madurai dealin with property matters.

Priyanka   20 March 2010

Dear Sir,


Could you please quote the provisions, where in it is mentioned that stamp duty is not be paid in case of gift of movable property.

Acc to me, Bombay Stamp Act does not spceifies this.

Awaiting your reply.

Vineet (Director)     20 March 2010

If the item is not specified in the Bombay Stamp Act, that means no stamp duty is payable on such instrument. Further Registration Act does not mandate registration of instruments involving movable assets.

asif aziz (lawer)     26 April 2011

sir my father wants to gift me a land please advice me that how could i get it????????????????



my father has the power of attorney for that particular land..............

Amit (xxx)     11 July 2013

Dear Sir,

My father wants to gift me a plot worth Rs 10 lakhs.

What is the cheapest way of transfering the property .

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