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Vikrant Goel (fkhjk)     21 October 2012

Slap over arrogant judges & staff of hisar judiciary

Generally it is believed that 498-A law has been implemented to protect woman, but practically it has been found that this law is big threat to humanity and future of innocent childrens and me alongwith my 2 innocent son are victim of this law and the abuser of this law is none other than the Judges & staff of Hisar Judiciary. I was married in a lawyer Babu Ram Jain family from Hisar and from the very begining of my marriage this law was like an stick upon me and my family was always been threatned by the influence of my ex-inlaws in Hisar Judiciary. As my younger sister was unmarried i was forced to bear all cruelty by my ex-wife Anju Jain from Hansi (Hisar) working in Haryana & Punjab High Court and her brother in law  for about 3 years, in the mean time i also felt some unbearable comments by my ex-wife Anju and her brother in law Sanjay Jain which clearly showed relation between my ex-wife and her brother in law. but finally after marriage of my sister i had finally broken my every relation with my in laws taking chance to avoide by ex-wife relation with her brother in law. but my ex-wife Anju who is now working Haryana & Punjab High Court was much interested in relation with her brother in law Sanjay Jain rather than her own children and me, and to hide the facts from the society by misusing the law and her influence in Judiciary she filed 498-A against me and my mother living my 2 childrens with me with an intension to destroy my life and children future and started living with her brother in law. When the facts were brought in between the panchayat, she along with the three Judges of Hisar Judiciary Ashwani Kumar Mehta, Gagandeep Mittal & Chander Bhan sheoran along with the help of other judiciary staff approached local police to trap me in false 354 through her sister in law Komal Jain. but all these cruelty could break my moral to fight against these corrupted judiciary system and finally filed divorce petition. The judges which claims to protect women are the real abuser of woman, law and their position and finally divorce in a huge slap over such judges who are arrogant of their position.


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Justice for all (Legal)     21 October 2012

My friend, calm yourself.

  1. First of all remember: never lose your cool. There are many who have been through the rigors of such cases.
  2. Be vary of what you are stating on a social media. It is a double-edged sword. Don't make sweeping statements. It is advisable to avoid names.
  3. Instead do a bit of research on 498A. There is a lot of help available on various websites dedicated to aggrieved husbands. Even the Supreme Court and various high courts have given judgments exonerating husbands and in-laws. Collect these judgments meticulously. 
  4. Don't fear a lawyer-wife. No body is above law. By the way, it is not easy to prove charge of 498A.
  5. Well, if the allegations about the conduct of Judicial officers is true, then it appears to be an extra-ordinary situation.

Vikrant Goel (fkhjk)     23 October 2012

After going through legal process in Hisar court, i now feel that Judiciary & law is very low to its corrupt employee & judges. I now hate Judiciary the most in my life. you can not imagine to what extent i hate corrupt judiciary. Despite i had every evidence to prove myself innocent, i was sent to jail 2 times for 9 days & 4 days without any enquiry in false charges and then during the trial process when i presented evidence before court, in reply i was threatned by the judges to pay money or to get convicted in false 354 & 498-A(attempt to rape). "Hum judiciary wale itne kamine hotae hai ki apni dushmani nikalne ke liye apni maa behno ko bhi nahi chodtae" statement by a lawyer Kulbushan Jain (Hansi Court). i think character of a prostiture is much appriciable than the character of a judges and lawyer.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     14 November 2012

Ther eis no query

Vikrant Goel (fkhjk)     14 November 2012

3 Judges (Ashwani Kumar Mehta, Gagandeep Mittal & Chander Bhan Sheoran) & Other Staff from Hisar Judiciary were involved personnely in trapping me in 2 fake cases (498-A Dowry & 354 Attempt to Rape). I feel slaping these judges inside court to teach these b*st*rds a lesson what kind of cheap character & attitude they have who claims to protect women & law are in fact the misuser of the women chastity, law and its power in judiciary and blackmailing for money, but being a peaceful person and responsible father i was not dared to do so and finally slapped money on their face to find divorce. But for ever i hate Judges, Lawyer, Judiciary. I dont have faith in judiciary and also do not have any regards for judiciary.

Sumit kumar (owner)     30 March 2013

i already rubbed some ointment on ur mental injuries. i filed complaint againt a judge named above and got some favorable order. Now disciplinary proceeding is pending against him. Be brave dear and care ur sweet babies with full love. :)

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     30 March 2013

if you did not have faith in system how you achived this.

Sumit kumar (owner)     30 March 2013

Where i said i hav no faith in system - Read carefully before replying- approaches define ur sucess and faluire. it may be there Vikrant not applied his mind in this regards- i applid and got relief.

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     01 April 2013

Please file a case in SC court and write all facts to president and govrenor and state government. If the judges are at fault they need to be taught lessons, no one is above law, being judge is not birth right to screw anyone.. I think there is a reference process through MP of your jurisdiction can do that. Second  once the NJP bill is cleared, you can complain even on any judges including SC judges barring CJI..

We need to take the evils out of Judiciary, these judges are the one who allows false litigants enjoy the taste of success..

Between stay clam and dont use foul mouthed language...

Sumit kumar (owner)     01 April 2013

you r right Msk. i did the same.

Vikrant Goel (fkhjk)     03 April 2013

Mr. Sumit,

Please post ur Mobile No. Though i hv already achieved divorce thru Mutual consent on a payment but it is not Justice with me and my childrens. i and my family with my 2 childrens hv spent 10 years in depression spending huge money and our life has been spoiled. finding no way i was forced to make payment if not they would hv convicted me and put behind the bar and could spoil my childrens future. being the only responsible person in my family I under pressure  agreed to pay money and get divorce but it was not justice unless i was paid divorce thru legal process. i now wish for free and fair investigation in my case so these evils can be removed from judiciary as they r black spot in the name of justice and humanity.

Vikrant Goel (fkhjk)     03 April 2013

i am also angry with whole judiciary system and do not hv faith in system, but i wish i could hv once the oppurtunity in my life to kick the ass of these three arogant idot judges at Hansi Court Ashwani Kumar Mehta, Gagandeep Mittal & Chander Bhan sheron with my shoes and ask my childrens to piss on their faces. i feel these r no where women protector but the real abuser and so why hv misused the chastity of women to trap me in false case under IPC 354 (attempt to rape) and make me recognize their power. I feel the character of a prostitute is much appreciable rather then these idots judges. Bcoz the prostitute sells her body for money due to unfavourable circumstances, but these idiots hv sold not just women chastity but also innocent childrens future just only to prove their power. such activities can not be consider powerfull and it is an cheap atitude shown by the person who are appointed to protect justice. shame shame shame on Judiciary

Vikrant Goel (fkhjk)     04 April 2013

during the trial of the case, the Ashwani Kumar Mehta (judge) & chander bhan sheron was never interested in serious trial despite of my request for speed trial and misbehaved with me tonting in bad languages which made me felt like slapping the judge inside the court but being an accused i did not wanted to prove my self wrong and also i was liable to my children future but it has caused damaged to my mental peace, my feelings, my life and my house but could not cause damage to my social reputation which i believe is an strong victory for me over arrogant judiciary. It was a fight by a Aam Admi against the whole judiciary and final victory of Aam admi in form of Divorce which is enough to prove that the judiciary in no where the women protector. My cause to fight was only truth where as Judiciary was fighting for its dignity. I was also caused damaged financially by demanding Bribe's on every date either as sewa shulk  or for purchase of stationery in front of the above Judges and spent huge money. I wonder how could a person expect justice from such corrupted Judiciary which can not even afford to provide stationery to its staff and judges are personelly involved in it. after goint through the process i m totally disappointed by the judiciary and do not hv faith in judiciary system but would like to bring my experience before the people through this forum. i m very strong of my every words but not criminal. my stongness should not be considered as my cruelty as i am very soft against innocent peoples but very harsh against powerful arrogant's.

Vinod Kumar (owner)     02 June 2013

President office- Joint Secretary  filed the complaint against the Biased judge Ashwani Kumar Mehta in National Human right commission.

Vikrant Goel (fkhjk)     11 June 2013

Please post me details....

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