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Anony   13 November 2021

Sister torturing us

So here is something that my family is  going through . I have a family of 5 ( Mother father brother sister and me(male)[ More info about age given down bottom ] . Since the childhood my sister had a weird habit , whenever she fought with my brother , she used to come to dad to complaint and now here is the catch she always said half truth ie always said what my brother had done wrong with completely ignoring to what she did to him . Initially i  didn't think much about it, thinking she's a kid . But things started changing a bit when she started growing . She always fought with people and upon confession she only said half truth about it ( things that actually favored her ) . Things went to the point where she started having some quarrels with my mom , i being the eldest son  , I tried to talk to her and listen to what she has to say . And it was always the same thing , she only saw the world through her view . Doesn't matter how much you try to tell her both sides of the coin , She never listened and always gave some excuses to justify what she did . I Myself is an introvert that is speak less but i hear more . I like logical things rather than magical . Same reason why i don't believe in god , religion . caste system . I believe everyone is same . And throughout my life I've always tried to be neutral , whenever its my mistake i realize it accept it and try to rectify it . I do have many positive and negative traits which i actually acknowledge . Same goes with my brother father and mother . I have learnt all this from my dad , i have  seen him helping the needy people , and our family has mostly been a happy donor . Things were fine until one day , things went upside down when my sister started behaving a bit more into what  i have mentioned above self obsessed . She never tries to understand other side of the coin . My dad is in defense and is posted somewhere else hence mom has the responsibility of running the house . Also my mom has High Blood Pressure hence she has pain in brain sometimes . And my sister is giving very hard time to her . Now the problem is she (sister) actually isn't that bad person she sometimes shows empathy to people , Once she saved a drowning puppy from gutter . She also used to touch the feet of my parents before going to school/college . But things have worse now , she demands my mom to make food as per her wish(Her preferred time) which sometimes isn't convenient for mom to do So mom sometimes make the food in her preferred time . Even if mom gives a valid reason my sister doesn't care . Things were going a bit weird , Until i took it serious and started looking up the net , Then i came to know about NPD ( Narcissist Personality Disorder ) , and oh boy i was shocked to see everything mentioned in it was matching to what i see in my sister . My sister always thinks She is right she is the best , If she Gets a medal ( which she actually has gotten many times ) She keeps boasting about it forever . If you appreciate her she will be your slave , If you are ctisize her she will think you are his enemy even if you are saying for her own good . She uses every information in her head to prove other wrong , ie ( There are many times when family share internal things with children , she uses those information to prove that she is right and other is wrong ) For example if my dad and mom has fight ( which happens in pretty much any relation ) She shares the same with outside people to show that my mom and dad are  bad as they fight . Also put it in here  my mom and dad respect each other alot and always  support each other , but ofcouese in every relation there is small quarrel some times . And to mention here its not a case of father mother fighting frequently , Last time i saw my parents fight around like 1 or 1.5 years ago . My sister uses that info to bring mom and dad down . I have heard her talking to her friends and 99% of the time she's always talking about how good she(sister) is and how everybody loves her . Plus one things which i forgot to mention she had some anger issues . ie if she's angry , she would burst out on anyone she see's in front of her .

Present Situation -

She verbally abuses mom and dad in front of people  , she has made a habit of calling the cops anytime she feels . And i have heard several call recording when she complaints to someone she says exactly half truth which she been doing since childhood and worst thing is she somehow manages to manipulate the people whom she's talking/calling to as she only tells them half truth . After calling the cops its a show in front of whole society and after it my sister shows that she is extremely scared to come home thinking we will kill her ( She has already sent the recording of hers saying that is if she ever found dead police is supposed to  catch our family  for the same ) . She once slept in front of our small temple in the house in front of god thinking that if her family kills her , god will see it . But in the same morning she was behaving very rude to everyone and singing songs in front of us to trigger us . This thing kinda confused me as how come someone be scared for his life one night and next morning trying to provoke us . And yes it doesn't seem to be a mental case . My sister was good in studies and worked hard to get good marks .

Her traits -

Since her childhood she doesn't have her own brain ie whenever she sees a YouTube video she gets easily manipulated specially those gurus videos , if she sees one she starts following them 

Next if she sees Chanakya Video  , she starts following Chanakya for some time
She sees bhagat singh video , she starts praising the freedom fighter
She never realizes if the person in the video is actually saying the truth or saying half truth .

Potential Solution - 
From what i have read and researched , there is no solution for NPD disorder but we tried and willing to try again to consult a counsellor 

Our family is totally messed up because of her , and dont know what to do 
She might drive our family crazy  as our mom constantly facing trauma from her . 
Should we file a case in court to disown her ?? We are even okay to pay her monthly allowance if she accepts to be in PG or somewhere else atleastt away from family so that we can live in peace .
Is there any law other than Act 2007 which might help us .

Some info about the family -
Me ( Male 25 years Yo)
Brother ( M 20 Years currently pursuing
Father ( M 52 Years currently serving in Defence )
Mother ( F 47 Years Housemaker )
SISTER ( 21 Yo , Completed 2020)


 5 Replies

Kevin Moses Paul   14 November 2021

I've read the entire story you've described above, and based upon what I perceive from it is that you're sister needs a medical treatment from a doctor (psychiatrist) rather than a lawyer.
There is no ground to prove her guilt because she's a psychiatrist patient (having disturbed mind) due to which even the court will order a medical treatment for her rather than punishing her for her actions, as you can not punish someone who is not clearly aware of the consequences for their actions.

I hope you understand!

For any further discussion you may contact me on the email ID given below:-

Kevin M. Paul

Kishor Mehta (CEO)     14 November 2021

This is not a proper platform for your queries.

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     15 November 2021

Too long a story, no time / enegy to go through and oblige.

It would be appropriate to consult a local prudent lawyer for appreciation of facts, professional advise and necessary proceeding

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     23 November 2021

problem is more sociable less legal.

Rs OnlineCounselling   05 June 2024

Same situation. She physically attacks my mom too now

What you did? 

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