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Rohit Sharma (Software Engineer)     18 October 2011

Second inlaws harresment


Dear Lawyers,

Please help me out in cretical situation.As I have alreday posted message earlier"Trouble in marriage life".

Now my situation becomes worst, In breef(I have a case of null and void since my exwife told to my inlaws about my premarriage.My second inlaws insulted me with my parents a lot in society and thretened 498a,495,420etc cases on me and my parents. So we were agree with them 7 lakhs rupees as a settlement.The settlement was done in a bond papers with their signature and thumb-stamp with us and some witness.)

After 1.5 years , I got my exwife null and void judgement since she was totally fraud before and after marriage.She expoiled my life completely with lots of cases like 498 which is still going on.

So after null and void marriage to my exwife, I went to second inlaws after 1.5 years they again insulted me and refused to send my wife back. When mediaters went to them , they refused clearly to send  my wife back, so people said them,come and sit together and divide the expenses of marriage with each other and finish the matter peacefully.

But Now, Her brothers are saying that, 7 lakhs is the matter of her sister future and they want 4 more lakhs for settlement. If I will not agree, they will take it from court.

Please suggest what should I do, since we are from middleclass family, I know my mistake but now what is best for me.The second marriage was done without any dowery but they wrongly showed in court that they have speneded 7 lakhs rupees as a gift to us.what should I do , I cant fullfil their greedy demand, me and my parents are already in "Karz" for that 7 lakhs rupees.

Can court will save me or give me punishment?should I do socide? vey depressed now...... 


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Rohit Sharma (Software Engineer)     18 October 2011

As per my second wife cummunication, she is not ready to talk now even she was talking earlier chupke se.
But she is changed also, so every thing tried to convence her and her family members.They are taking advantage of my situation and peoles in the society are supporting them since they are "Ladki wale".

In last date we applied to mediation in court to talk to my wife but Her advocate refused to talk with me.Her Brothers were also there they were loking like they will kill me.

Please suggest how to get rid off in this situation, life is full of tensions now and parents are also worried.
Can they forcefully claim more money?If I lose the case , would I punished?

Chetan Singh (SE)     18 October 2011

If you have agreement papers, then show it court that you have given more than the expences made by inlaws.
Like  if they spended 3-4 lakhs in marriage then show that they have forcefully taken already 7 lakhs.

Regarding punishment in Null and void , I have no idea about this , hopefully this would be answered by others.

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