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Pk   20 January 2018

Rule for signature in Affidavit submitted to court

Is there any rule for doing signature in Affidavit submitted to court? How can we verify signature is true or duplicate or fake in Affidavit submitted to court by applicant ?


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Pk   20 January 2018

Accused had submitted affidavit in session court with full signature but in High court accused have summited affidavite with other signature (short) In both signature there is difference in some characters.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     21 January 2018

As long as the statements are true, change of signatures by itself cannot amount to any crminal offence.

Pk   21 January 2018

Ok but what is surity that applicant have signed it? For example in sessions court Affidavit I sign with signature one and in High court I sign with signature two than how we can sure both affilidavit done by the same person.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     21 January 2018

It is you who must explain the use of two signatures. As long as you can identify and own your signatures, no one can object it.You can use your name as PK @ Praveen Kumar, any objection?

Pk   22 January 2018

respected sir, Accused hv made affidavit in session court in that I hv found signature 1in AB application.
In High court accused have made signature which is different than in session court Affidavit.

in session court Accused have signed with full name and I found "r" is currly written.
in High court Accused hv signed with short sign but in that affidavit accused hv use "r" not curly.

Pk   22 January 2018

so how we can sure that both sign done by same person.

Pk   22 January 2018

as per your reply any one can submit Affidavit behalf of him and if we found fake sign than he can say he had changed sign.....


Punishment for forgery. Whoever commits forgery shall be punished with imprisonment of either descripttion for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

forensic department - ask for forensic  to verify signature.if signature is forged the court will initiate an action for perjury.



What's your name? Reveal your identity than simply AK, PK, DK, etc etc. 

Coming to your query, If signatures are forged, then it will be PROVED by FORENSIC LAB. It's NOT a big DEAL to PROVE it.

We have similar situation where 2 of Accused persons had forged their signatures in the affadavit. There going to be CRIMINAL CASES (PERJURY) on them as those affadavits in the same court are completely mis-matching and these things can be easily proved without forensic department (i.e PAKKA FRAUD in this case). They had also done the same things in High court like in lower court. So, there will be 2 separate cases that are going to be filed on them. We are already talking with a very reputed high court lawyer (she also fights in Supreme courts for women) for these kind of issues to PUNISH the fraudsters for JAILING. Interestingly, A4 is on AB from high court and this will be cancelled with immediate effect also. We are also in the process to file defamation cases on them as they damaged the image/prestiage/respect in the society due to their defects. 

Can you share your case details, court details etc? I can check those affadavits to evaluate the situation.

Pk   26 January 2018

My name is Pulkit Kapadia. In sessions court, Accused had sign with full signature for Affidavit submitted for AB In High court, Accused had sign with sort sign for Affidavit submitted for AB. In both signatures some characters are different. I can send you images and complete case details. Pls give me your whats app no.


@Pk, you can consult Advocate for this issue. It's surely forged signature. Nobody can miss characters. Let it be tested in forensic lab also. 

Do you have advocate for your cases or you are doing personal representation? Better consult with Advocate who is expert in this.

But, it's surely criminal/perjury case which can send them to JAIL. !! ALL THE BEST !!


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Pk   26 January 2018

Yes but my advocate ignoring this point, and I am helpless. I want help to get justice for my late sister.



Can you share your case details, court details. I know couple of Advocates who can help you out. You can send these details to me as personal message.

Originally posted by : Pk
Yes but my advocate ignoring this point, and I am helpless.
I want help to get justice for my late sister.

@PK, First change your advocate as advocate is ignoring your points. It's not helpless situation. It's fighting for justice situation to send criminals to JAILING for better society. Surely will get justice, but it takes time due to existing system.. Needs to clean system.. Needs to fight against bad for better tomorrow !!!

If you are genuine, send your case details, court details etc to help out your situation...

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