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Rahul (Students)     28 January 2024

Regular degree course during government service

Sir, my graduation session- 2017-20, my job joining- june 2018, after joining I applied in written for 1 st semester exam permission, I got it in written, after 8 months of job, I remain absent for 4-5 months to take regular class for 2nd semester attendence criteria, and final semester, due to corona pandemic, physical class was closed, so I continued my regular study by online classes with doing my job, and 3 months before final semester exam, I resigned from that job. I wrote final year exam and got my degree. My question is, can I apply for higher post based on such degree. Plz reply sir, I am very troubled about it.


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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     28 January 2024

You are applying for the post based on the legally acquired qualification only.

Hence there's no embargo in it 

Rahul (Students)     28 January 2024

But sir, some people say that this is illegal. There can be issue if someone complains. Sir plz tell me, what will be the role of previous employer in this matter if someone complains further. Almost 4 yrs completed of my resignation.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     28 January 2024

You are worryig about the problem that never existed.

No solution canbe given to the problem that is not existing.

You were advised to proceed accordingly, if you do not want to listen to the advises and are still listening to only rumour mongers' advices then the God also cannot save you 

Purnanand Jha (Advocate)     29 January 2024

yes you can but why did you resign??

Rahul (Students)     29 January 2024

@Purnanand jha, sir I resigned because I was not satisfied with that job.

Purnanand Jha (Advocate)     29 January 2024


No serious issue.,u can apply n go ahead....

Rahul (Students)     29 January 2024

Thanks for your valuable advice @Purnanand Jha sir

Sir, I am worried because my government job was in other state and my course was from my home state. If clarification is asked how you completed your course, then, what I posted above, how I did, will hold water or not?


Purnanand Jha (Advocate)     29 January 2024

It will hold.

Whatsoever you did is normal act from youe level and strata.

Rahul (Students)     30 January 2024

Thanks for your valuable reply @Purnanand jha sir

Sir, I was worried because someone has complained in my new deptt. Where I have joined earlier based on that degree, that I had pursued my regular degree during government service, that is invalid. Primary investigation is initiated. Investigation officer asked from college about my degree. From college side everything is clear, they gave in written that candidate has been my student and I have issued degree to him. IO also asked me in written how did you do so, I gave in written what I posted above. One more party, my previous employer, from where I have resigned 4 years ago, remained. I want to know sir, what will be the role of previous employer in this. From college side everything is ok, for this deptt. I am fresher, this matter is of previous employer, from where I have already resigned. Then what can happen to me in this matter maximum. What steps IO can take further?

I will wait eagerly for your reply sir. I am worried a lot thinking that I can be terminated also, as some people said so.

Purnanand Jha (Advocate)     31 January 2024

That employment is simply void.

Redundant for ur current employer...



Rahul (Students)     31 January 2024

Thanks a lot @Purnanand jha sir

You mean sir, Nothing will effect my current employment? I have nothing to worry? The investigation, initiated and may be further also initiate, will be disposed simply without any disciplinary action?

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     01 February 2024

You have got good and correct advice. If you still worry about things no one can help you.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     05 February 2024

given facts indicate that you have taken permission to continue and resigned that job before compeltion of course.  Nothing irregular.  You can taken benefit of that course.

Rahul (Students)     06 February 2024

Sudhir sir, if previous employment is simply void, I will be redundant for new employer. Neither I joined course after joining of previous employment nor completed the course before resign. Then If I would have continued my course without permission, then what would be its consequences. Actually my mind set was, not to use that degree for previous employment. 

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