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who knows the Girl you have chosen to be a part of your family and live happily ever after turns into nightmare due to the sudden change of scripttts written by the girls parents and her brothers and sisters. The girl dilutes in the written character so well that she undoubtedly turns to be next 498A women...

There are many Benefits of 498A woman to the corrupted society.Few of the things been highlighted.Just go through the following link and have the DNA of 498A "A Ready made Legal Movie" which is very common to cross 500+ crores in a single day..


498A a Ready made Legal Movie becomes a massive hit through out the country...


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If you want to see the preview of 498A real blockbuster movie then go and visit session court. The 90% ABP (Anticipatory Bail petition) daily List is for 498A/406/Dp3&4.

Most of the Lawyers at Lower court is Happily busy in handling 498A  and DVA 2005 cases.

Judges at Lower court are overloaded with matrimonial disputes rather than other disputes.


Now, imagine the business of Real 498A blockbuster movie flourishing through leaps and bound.


Are you a Part of it...........?



fighting back (exec)     31 January 2014

yes man.....unfortunately most of  the people are part of this movie.......

498aindian (other)     31 January 2014

very keen and detail observation by you.I am also unfortunate to see this movie and still seeing.

dhruv (other)     31 January 2014

now when is the 498a - A wedding gift going to come out?


 498A wedding gift A film by suhaib illayasi was protested by NCW  on it's release. So,far no updates on it's new release date.

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How you can eradicate 498a when government is not supporting.

Views and ideas would be appreciated from all the victims and would be victims.

Let share your thoughts and help all the bachelors of India that is going to marry.


I bet millions of men are trapped in 498a due to lack of knowledge on family law ,draconian and biased law.

If one should have proper knowledge about these one sided women friendly laws much before their marriage then obviously they would have prepared for themselves for the worst.

Even they would have not gone for marriages.

It's well said that little knowledge or no knowledge is a dangerous thing.

So, please forward your experiences and views to help others whom you are in touch or connected with groups. At least your this move can save the life of innocents.


Thought for the welfare of society.




498aindian (other)     27 March 2014

Rightly said by ESIS we are culprit of lack of knowledge before marriage.

Varun Singh (GM)     28 March 2014

Originally posted by : rameshkrj.

Rightly said by ESIS we are culprit of lack of knowledge before marriage.

Even if someone has full knowledge before marriage, one can't stop things going against him and his family ! There has to be a better solution, biased laws like 498a and DV , 125, should be eradicated completely!


Those who are ready to fight their false 498a against legal extortion, those who are ready to give a tough fight and not to bow down against exorbitan amount for your freedom, kindly contact me through pm or by mail. 


Those who are ready to join me they could leave a message so that we could share our contacts and views.


Thanks & regards,


fighting back (exec)     10 April 2014

Hi ESIS.........great to see you back...i am ready to be a part of this fight. i am all for it. hope others join too........................


Gr8..numbers are increasing:)

Plz join us for the noble cause.



498 A fighter (Advocate)     30 July 2014

we can make a slide of our story or others story { to avoid legar conflicts} and post it to FB or LCI so that it automatically become a block bustor movie and it has no restriction by even NCW so start now those who win the case any live DV,498A,125 etc they can make a full story by either mobile cam or any camera which are easily available now a days and post vedio on social media we will try to make them in good quality and again post same so that all victim get benifit of it if this is not possible at least every can post their story here detail and also its final result we are not media which gave breaking news for publicity and later forget the incident and its characters either true or false but no result and half story left but here  we give full story which make aware to mens who are next victim or still suffering from female oriented laws,

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