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Please clarify following points:

What is mutation and why it is required. What will happen if the house property is left unmutated for several years. What are legal implications of this.

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Mutuation, is the entry in the property records, maintained by the Government. It gives the name of the person who is the owner of the property along with other essential details, as like, wot is total area of the land, ancestral or purchased, residential or commercial, etc.

Any land has to have a mutuation entry. It is essential for giving the real owner the property title. And thus, is essential document for resale or purchase of any property. Mututation entries are essential to discover whether the property had  a clear title.

Every piece of land shall definitely have a previous owner and legal record. You got to check that record, through search,and, thereafter, if u have purchased the property, u shall be required to see whether it had a clear title before. And get ur mutation enteries updated at sub-registrar office.

As far as negative implications of properties without updated mututations are concerned , it shall give u lack of clear title to ur property. This can create legal complications incase if u want to resale the property if the said property belongs to u or if u have purchased it and wants to resale it in future.

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Thanks Anuradha,

Please clarify whether there is any time limit upto which the purchased house property can be mutated.



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u r absolutely right Anuradha......mutation records vested with government. if you desire to include ur ownership about house property u should apply for mutation. it is need and necessary to avail loan, bail ,other official uses. all we are aware, the extreme ,supreme, utmost owner of land is goverment (governer/president of India)


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Mutation of name in records of government is a prt of proofof possession over the property. The real ownership can be proved by the sale deed in favour of the person holding the property. The law is settled that even the mutation entries in records of government  have a rebuttal value and have no absolute presumption.

But as suggested by Jayan, they will be very useful for a obtaining the loans from Banks etc.

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I have got the WILL of my father probated. Ima the excutioner and administrator of the WILL. The letter of administration was issued by the Court last year . I was to flie the invetory which my lawyer did not file asying that it is not required. Now my property has been mutated. Now the judge has issued a show cause notice for not filing the inventory in time. Judge gave the indication that the leeter of administration may be revoked .Please tell me is to so an offence when it is a straight forward case.


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Good Morning,

Mr. Kumar, can u plz provide exact details about ur problem. It should be mutuated immediately as soon as possible. If you provide the specific reason for why the property is still remains unmutuated, then, it would be easier to find a proper solution.


Thanks Anuradha,

Please check your inbox.

Thanks a Lot.



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Dear Ms Anuradha,

Thanks for your prompt response.

The WILL of my father has been mutated. After mutation as is the procedure I approached the court  for releasing the property of the the surety. since the inventory was filed about a month late the judge has issued a show cause notice both to me and surety. Yesterday the arguments took place with ASJ . The letter of administration has been surrendered to court  as required by him. Now tomorrow judge has called me to pronounce the verdict. He holds the opinion that it was delibrately delayed and proably wants to revoke it (LOA)on such a flimsy ground.

  Could you help me in getting some such judgement wherer delay in filing inventory has been condoned  or some such thing.


Mayor Kumar


Dear Mr Mayor Kumar ,

I have read your grievance in which u have mentioned that u & ur Surety have been served with a show cause notice for filing the delayed inventory .In my case which is same as of ur case ,myself & my surety have been  served with the show cause notice by ADJ Delhi .In addition I have been asked to deposit the original LOA immediately.This is a recent case.

Can u pl apprise me the action taken by u .Has ur case been decided?If u have any judgement on this issue kindly provide me the link at the earliest.

With regards,


T K Kakar




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