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Dont expect any justice in judiciary


All husbands and their family should never expect any justice from the Indian Judiciary. As the corrupted indian judiciary system is always against men with out investigation on an simple complaint without any hard evidence. I pray god they should also be cheated by their wives and their house and mental peace should also be broken to make them understand the pain of an innocent husband and his family.



I think you have a bitter experience.  Don't think all the judiical officers are alike and corrupt.


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Vikrant, u r right. 


, LET ME KNOW  NO OF PERSONS PUNISHED IN LAST 50 YEARS IN INDIA?? ANY ONE??Lots of mat dispute will get solved as you, as nature, as real & Justice want, will be solved , very fast, no blackmailing,  both parties will  act sensibly. If not, both knows result. . Earlier Panchaya raj in many villages were so fast, so sensible,very near to natural justice.

Today, I know cases, going on for years, without getting justice, Lakhs of citizens of India hate Indian laws and Indian courts, INDIAN POLITICIANS, INDIAN POLICE, and also all of us, INDIAN LAWYERS. ! WHY??




Judges are corrupt, no doubt, the whole judicial system involving everybody is corrupt.

Reason corrupt society/ corrupt systems.


i had hard conversation with the judges during an hearing date on 1.11.2010 as judge was taking my wife side knowing she and her family are guilty but they belong to judiciary hence the judgement can not be passed against them and further he promoted her to do as she want as she has got the back of the judiciary and free to misconduct her behaviour with her inlaws. if I m guilty of dowry, my wife is working in High Court and earning about Rs. 50K/month (Salary 20 to 25K & 25K by other means), i would agreed to her every demand and compromised with self respect. For the last four years i with my mother are taking care of my childrens facing all financial & legal problems living under depression. Some times i feel like killing my wife and her family or commit sucide inside the court but looking at my innocent childrens face i m not dare to do so.


But I had a very diffrent experience.

1) I abuse my wife in womencell.

2) An inspector scold her in WC.

3) I threatened my BIL to beat & kill him inside WC.

4) I shout very badly to my FIL in WC. I says," buddhe isko paida kar ke sadak par chor diya tha, kuch tameez hi sikha deta."

5) I shout everytime I visit WC.

6) Mediator was hard on her & very soft with me.

7) My wife says I do not want to go back, I said I want to take her.( although it's opposite which we says) Still mediator says," Zeeshan isko le ja, isse zyada buri ayegi to kya karega ?" I said,"Isse zyada buri kya hogi."

8) I even beat my BIL inside mediation hall.

9) Even Judge also scold her.

10) Me and my family got AB in one go, even before return of goods.


                                I was trapped in biased LAW. Got sleepless night. Lose my money. Harm to my work.

But no  harm from law, till yet. Yes, money is spent which is a big issue.

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The reason for all this is , she says," Blah-blah-blah, " 

And I says, "If I lied I was not son of one man. Ask her & her advocate to repeat my line."

These words are harsh but work like magic.

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Fighting Frivolous 498A case

What an idea Sir(Zeeshan) ji...

Had you post this earlier , i would have used it in my CAW meetings;)


I am also the victim of the same. I prove in court that case is false. Judge himself repeat the words that my case is a great example of misuse of law but had not grant the bail and take the girl side. it seems that whole system against you and you have no option.






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