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Rama (NA)     20 July 2013

Property after divorce

Hi all,

   As this new rule is coiming about the parental property that afer dovirce wife will get 50 % share... How about this rule? is it already applied in India?

My wife right now don'r want to join with me, is that case also she will entitliled get 50 % share on the parental property?
 Basically she denied from her side not to join with me.. she is BTech and MBA holder ..she was also doing job before marriage... Right now she is seating at home and not doing any job..

In such case and in order to satisfy her demand she put some false allegation and since last more then 1 year she is at her mother's home..

If such rule is coming then before head can I take step to transfer some of my parental property to the name of my uncle's name (Because right now all property are in the name of grand pa).. later in case investigation will come then can I tell that in past my uncle helped to my father in monetary and for my father's study (father passed away).. For that my father was in debt from uncle, so that property will eligible to get by my uncle.. How will it work?

Plese suggest me in thsi regards..



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Dear Rama,

 No need to get feared about this fake marriage bill 2010 as this has so many drawbacks lying within it.It has just passed by the rulling cabinets

and not by the Parliament.Before becoming law it has to go with several process by alterations and again has to be amended by the cabinets and again has to be passed by other than rulling party in the parliamanet.From there it has to go to the presidents consent and once the presidents consent is given then it comes under law.

For the above process it will take years to be followed and till then many parties will come and go as in 2014 this corrupt congress is not going to come again.And the opposite party will never give his ascent on this bill as they know if they will give ascent then the whole sympathy will be taken by congress as they made the bill and the womens majority vote will be occupied by congress in this coming election 2014.

So sit idle and not to get suspicious about this marriage bill.Act accordingly with the law which is prevailing and not with that law which is in dilemna.

Rama (NA)     21 July 2013

Dear Sufferer sir,

  Thank you very much for oyur kind information.. So incase, inorder to became rule, it will take long time, is it?

Thank a lot..

heral (working)     21 July 2013

MR.Sufferer, I agree with u that it will take time., but can u trust the government. ow a days so many scams are there in India, so goverment also know it is diffficult for us to come again in power therefore to ake WOMEN happy they will pass this law. Who care for indian men, if men is dyingby suicide or murder no  any party get interest but sory to say if any married girl dying or suicide or filing 498a the whole government bodies are coming in force and their intention HANG  THE HUSBAND ALONG WITH WHOLE FAMILY.

So in India everything is possible, Hindu men will forget the name of MARRIAGE.


@ Rama,

It's upon you to eat what ever you have made without compramise or to alter it for better taste but then also it is not done leave in the plate as usual.....This is for the situation of your marriage.


Yes, it will take a long time and not necessary that each line of this fake marriage bill will become law.


Dear Heral,

I agree with your considerations.In india every thing is possible but only benefit in this World's largest democracy is that India is having two parties at the centre and apart from the rulling party the other one is like a crab if one want to move then the other will pull it down.So,this is the benefit of the so called opposite parties,they will never let this bill to be passed without making major differences.They will always try to pass this bill in their regime but again the opposite party of that time will oppose it and since it will become the bl**dy alluring game to take the sympathy votes of the womens,each party will try to uplift his name beyond the othetrs.Just keep watch the real drama will occur soon..........

shriks........... (healyhcare)     21 July 2013

complete agreement with sufferer ,

1. now what you can do is wait till 4-5 august for the monsoon session where this topic will be debated....

2. lets see what happens.....if something fishy, encash full property , no need to transfer, just sell , encash, its easy to transfer cash in minutes rather than selling immovables......

3. even if you are late , court wont directly attach any property , its not the law......during the tenacy or life of the self earned owner without his due permission no court can even touch without any charges....its fundamental right of the owner.......

4. now wait ....see...sell......encash ......transfer cash to your unknown account....without any knowledge to your once sweetheart.........and best is.......later migrate somewhere.......set up a new business with ancestoral cash and party....enjoy your ancestral property....it was just meant for you you and you.......the legal desender...........the heir ............

5. good luck for the same

Rama (NA)     21 July 2013

Dear Shrik Sir,

  Thank you for your kind information.. Right now all our properties in the name of my grand pa and in such case can I sell my property to my uncle? Will court will look, when I sold my property, whather after my matrimony issue or before?

Plese suggets me in this regards..


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