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This is in reference to my broadband connection from Tata indicom (advance rental plan) which I had requested for cancellation during Dec 2010 and again in Jan 2011 through their call centre. Even after that no action of cancellation was taken and I was pestured for paying the advance rental. Then I dropped a mail to their customer service during Mar 2011 and made followup again on April 2011. Mail attached for ref.

I didnot recieve any communication from Tata Indicom after that and once during July one of their representative came to collect the modem which I gave them back.

Suddenly on feb 2012 after 6-8 months I received a pre-litigation notice from Tata Indicom to appear before Loknyayalay on 4th Mar 2012 which is again a Sunday. I am totall dumbfounded and trying to figure out what legal course of action is available before me.

This is a clear case of harassment and creating trauma to the customer. Request your advice on the course of action I should take.




Abhijit Das


From: abhijit.das@barclays.com <abhijit.das@barclays.com>
Subject: RE: Cancellation Related: Tata Indicom A/C No 975540901: REMINDER
To: customerservice@tatacommunications.com, AppellateAuthority.rom@tatatel.co.in
Cc: ddgpg-dot@nic.in, abhijit_iaf@yahoo.co.in
Date: Friday, 15 April, 2011, 12:41 PM


Inspite of repeated mail communications. I am not getting any response from you.
Request you to respond to the cascaded complaint filed by me.
Thanks And Regards,
Abhijit Das

From:   Das, Abhijit : Barclays Corporate Technology India 
Sent:   Thursday, March 17, 2011 3:22 PM
To:     customerservice@tatacommunications.com
Cc:     ddgpg-dot@nic.in; AppellateAuthority.rom@tatatel.co.in
Subject:        Cancellation Related:  Tata Indicom A/C No 975540901
Importance:     High
During Month of Dec I had raised cancellation request for my Broadband connection of A/C No  975540901 the customer representative had taken the request and mentioned that as the system is not working he isnot in a position to provide the incident no. Also during the month of Jan 11 a customer representative had come to my house querying whether I will continuing with my broadband to which I had declined and had also mentioned the same in the document he carried along.
Also want to point out that the scheme under which I had taken the connection was with advance payment clause for four months. In  a nutshell, I had been paying bills of 4 months in advance for using the connectivity.
But even after informing I got several calls starting january 2011 when I was asked to pay the advance rental for four months. I mentioned very clearly that as I willnot be using the connection for which I have already placed a request and as this is advance rental for the following months I willnot be paying the same.
However I am receiving similar calls again and again. Now, when I checked if the connectivity was available I found that there was no connectivity. So, I fail to understand how you are asking me to pay the advance rental when
1. I have raised the request twice once through your call centre and secondly when your customer representative came to my house
2. I am paying advance for 4 months duration. So If I am not using I am not liable to pay
3 there is no connectivity. So what should I pay for?
Also when I tried to explain the callers who are pestering me from your department they are not even interested in hearing me out or want to clarify thing by viewing my connection type. They simply go on asking for bill payment.
This is a case of simply harassing the customer for payment when I am not using your service. I am also copying in AppellateAuthority.rom@tatatel.co.in as per TRAI regulations and will take this up legally for harassment if the issue is not resolved.
Kindly check your documents and see what my billing cycle and type is. I am not a post paid customer and shouldnot be harassed for paying advance bills when I am not using the service.

Thanks And Regards,
Abhijit Das


Lokadalats are held on Sundays for facility of litigants who have got business/service etc. You may visit the venue and narrate your side with proof of mailing etc. Matter will be easily sorted out in a friendly climate. Lokadalats are informal without any compications.




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