police not taking action when i complained

Hi sir / madam,

This is mr. Babu from Hyderabad. I have submitted a complaint on date 31.01.2017 before police, which says:-

“I am Orthopaedically Physically Handicapped. Working as teacher in Government sector.  My wife deserted me in 2013. Cases are going in court. Cases are in favour of me.  In 2016 April children came to me and being in my custody and studying.  My wife coming, seeing the children and going then and then. Before one month she came and staying along with children.  On date 30.01.2017 she taken away my computer system (C.P.U. & Monitor), Kitchen material, Grinder, my children playing material, Key board (Casio), children clothes, my personal information, Four tulas of Gold Ornaments, Valuable documents and Sony Camera worth rs.25,000/- by thefting and went out of home. Almirah door was opened.  She went to the school where my children were studying picked them up by taking persmission from the school and went away.  I don’t know where she was going and informed me.  “

      I submitted the above complaint and requested to enquire into the matter and also requested to take steps to return my articles and bring then children into my custody as their studies are disturbing. 

        But.  Police have not taken up action against the complaint till now .

         The S.H.O is replying orally that not possible to theft case against wife when I asked. 

I request all to Kindly suggest me what I am to do now (alongwith citations / Sections / acts) 


It was idiotic of you to let her in when court cases are going on.  You condoned her actions and let her in.  She simply betrayed your faith.  This wont amount to theft.  It was your idiotness to have let her inside your house to stay when  court cases were going on.  At least you could have informed the court about it when she came to your house to start staying.  Atleast court would have dismissed all the cases which were running.


Now you cant force police to file case of theft.


What a shame.  Men trust women blindly. Now huge headache for you to prove that those tihngs were there with you, and that she took them.  By the way what is the opinion of your advocate?  Please let us knnow.




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