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R K........ (Analyst)     09 May 2012

Please suggest on rcr

My parents in law took my wife along with them and lodged a flase complaint in police against me and my family

Police called both the parties and tried to reconcile. I was willing to stay with her but she and her parents don't want to keep any relationship. Now they are harrasing my family to make certain amount of payment otherwise they will register an FIR against us. The main aim of their breaking this relationship is to extract money from us. The girl is not willing to live with me but I am willing to living with her and don't want to break this relationship

Now the settlements over money is not reaching any conclusion. They have spent 5-6 lakhs on marriage and they are asking for 20 lakhs. On the other hand, our maximum limit to pay them is upto 6 lakhs.. So things are not working out

I am still not sure if the selletement will take place or matter will move to court

Its been a month since my wife left the house. Please suggest, should i file an RCR. What will be the advantages /disadvantages of filing RCR at this point of time. Please suggest what should i do ?


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Vijay Kumar (Supply and Distribution Management)     09 May 2012

pls file RCR, advantage is u will not pay anything to her because she dont want to live with you and u are agree to accept her.

dont wait just file RCR.


You will not get her through RCR but i am sure u will get releaf from maintenance charges.

you are the lucky one your wife not agree to live with you.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     09 May 2012

There is no guarantee that if you pay money, they will not file FIR because they cannot admit anywhere in any document that we will not file FIR for favor of having been received the money against so and so. 

R K........ (Analyst)     09 May 2012

Thank for your reply

All of you are requested to please reply as your opinion matters a lot to me

R K........ (Analyst)     10 May 2012

They have done so many bad things to us.. sent police and harrased us.. but i dont know why i still unable to forget my wife.. i still miss her :(

SURESH KALAGA (secretary)     18 May 2012

Dear Mr. R.K,

Since, your wife's disertion period is one month you do not file RCR. Before filing RCR you please make your endeavours to take her back positively and peacefully. For this, you can write a letter to your wife (registered post inland cover letter) where your wife residing) stating that you are wating for her. Expalin her about family life and the loss of dividing.  And ask her understand your written communication in a positve way.  

Note: No problem if you get any type of reply (positive or negetive) from your wife.  

you need any further legal assistance / advice can meet us @     sureshmgpl@gmail.com

Father of lovely Daughter (Father)     20 May 2012


I am in the same boat.

Let me tell u first of all.Stay calm in this kind of situation.Analyze-What happened wrong.I am sorry but people in the forum does not speak complete truth that what went wrong theri side.

Please do not act aggresvely at all,it may hurt u back hard.Stay calm,sit and think,re collect the situation happened.What went wrong,start collecting evidence,written,phone call recording,try to talk to mediators between u and their family.

I would suggest u to play defence this time rather then playing offensive.

Filing RCR or not? U urself can answer this better.

Is it love marriage or arrange marriage

Do u have any kids?

Ask me for more.




R K........ (Analyst)     21 May 2012

It's an arrange marriage and its been hardly 6 months since this happened

The main cause is the high expectations of girl.. She were looking for some very high profile family although she belongs to a middle class family only but her dreams were very high.. So she never used to respect me and suddenly one day they took this step.. They tppk their girl and lodged a false complaints

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