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Please help - need divorce!!!

Page no : 2

Regranter chap (SE)     23 April 2013

Hi Need Justice,

Its already been 11 months she left home. Is it too late to give a compliant in police station?  


Originally posted by : Need Justice

@regranter chap


please visit the local police station and submit a complain detailing what all happened between u and and ur wife. also , submit the CD with the recording.

wait for 1 year to be over.

ajay sethi (lawyer)     23 April 2013

you have stated that marriage has not been consummated . what are the reasons for non consummation . you could have applied for annullment of marraige if wife is impotent .

or wait for period of 1 year to end and file for divorce on account of cruelty . refusal to have s*x amounts to cruelty and is ground for divorce

Mia (Engineer)     23 April 2013

  • well i am thinking something about you has driven the wife to be that angry.
  • or she simply is a girl with anger problem. if its anger problem and if you have been able to adjust to her even after incidents why havent you taken professional help?
  • you are married and that gives you some responsibility before walking out, one of it is helping your wife realise she has a problem that needs help.
  • its easy to drive someone up the wall and prove they have an anger problem.
  • what are the reasons for non consummation of marriage?

Regranter chap (SE)     23 April 2013

Thanks Ajay and Mia for your response. 

To my understanding, marriage unconsummation means no intercourse? She never co-operated for that. Whenever I approach her, she use to stay calm in the beginning. When I try to do exact intercourse ( Injection) she feels reluctant and stops me saying that she is tired and exnhausted. We had been to vacation a 10 day trip. She didn't allow me to even touch her saying she is not interested in doing so outside home. When we were back from trip, she went to old dialogue of tiredness.  I am not sure whether she is impotent or not! 



I tried my best to control her anger. Seems like the enemy is my MIL. I tried to take her for a counselling. She never came forward. I can adjust the anger, but sometimes it goes out of control. Playing with knife, suicide threat is what I am worrying about. :(

ajay sethi (lawyer)     23 April 2013

since you have waited for 11 months wait for a month longer  and then apply for divorce

Regranter chap (SE)     24 April 2013

Hi Ajay,

Thanks for your response. Any idea about the SEMEN analysis problem i had mentioned before. 

Also how much compensation will I have to shed out? Any means to avoid it? She is already working in a corporate firm and earning well. 

Originally posted by : ajay sethi

since you have waited for 11 months wait for a month longer  and then apply for divorce

Gurdeep (Student)     24 April 2013

Dear Mr. Nuram,

You need not to wait for one year completion,(but the question is only 1 month left in this case you can wait) file for judicial seperation on mental cruelty and wilful desertion.

why waste time ?


The Delhi High Court has granted a divorce to a man on the basis of denial of s*x as being one the factors outlined by the husband.  March 24 ,2011

No maintencance would be provided to her as she is working. (but you have to prove it, that she is working and earning 30k).

proceed with your case, you have already built one. (but you need to prove the cruelty with legal evidence/records etc.)

Let them file as many cases as they want, you need not worry they are seen as counters.

shriks........... (healyhcare)     24 April 2013

mr. regranter,
                         1.  you have worked a lot for defence of the allegations before hand.
                          2. what u need now is just calm down and wait for a month.its good ur prepared for the blast so now for a month go into hibernation mode and think but do not get stressed.
                          3. take this petition which you will file as a part of life and not necessity, save as much money as you can and try gaining contacts with local police, and others from their area and yours too....keep record of events which helps in cross exam and would make task of ur lawyer little easy......
                 in touch with neighbours where she stays, and be confident and bold......
                           5. do not agree for one time settlement .....if shes at fault you can wait as uv already waited for 11mths
                                 let their amount come down in a few months
                                                                                  ALL THE BEST

Regranter chap (SE)     28 May 2013

Hi all,


Thanks for all your help guys. It gave me strength to tackle the tough times. Finally i filed a petition last week for MCD. Right now in 6 months waiver time. Guys anything i should keep a check on the next  6 months?  If there is anything, i'll have a note. Thanks all again. 

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