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saidutta (software engineer)     09 March 2013

Physical relation

HI Experts,


Could anyone of you please let me know how to prove a male and female are not in physical relation in legal terms.


appreciate your asap reply on this.



 12 Replies

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     09 March 2013

To prove it, it needs experts opinion.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     09 March 2013

cvome with facts of the case

Aashish George (lawyer)     09 March 2013

the story should always be narrated in its entirety, and yes expert can always help.

saidutta (software engineer)     09 March 2013

How can i avail experts help. i can narrate the story as well.

Alok Tholiya (self employed)     09 March 2013

Without knowing the age, relationship, cause of concern etc ( means without full story in brief) no one can advise.

When noone is asking u ur identity then why be evasive with facts of the matter w/o wch it is diff to anw

saidutta (software engineer)     09 March 2013

HI Alok, 


the facts are like, am 30 years old and married my wife is 28 years old. am working in a private firm as a software engineer. the issue here is as part of my business requirement i had to stay in hotel for a meeting with a colleague (female). But my wife suspected me and had posted an allegation that am having physical relation with another female wherein i dont have any such relations expect with my wiffe. 

So i want to know how can i prove that i dont have any physical relation with anyone.


Ranee....... (NA)     09 March 2013

only medical test can prove it.BTW why you need to prove?Let her prove if she does not believe you.

Ziaur Rahman ( Practice)     09 March 2013

I believe that even the medical examination report would not be helpful because if the lady colleague with whom you stayed in a hotel had /has earlier any physical relation with another man/men. Marriages depend on various kinds of trusts and mutual understandings. I do not think that there is any scope for you to prove that you did not had s*x with your colleague and similarly your wife can not prove that you had s*x with the said lady. However, you are not clear whether you stayed in the same room and there was also a 3rd person from your firm in the business tour or both of you stayed in the same hotel but in different rooms. If you are really (s*xually) honest then you should get that lady confronted with your wife asking her to give your wife a left right for levelling false allegation and also ask her to file a defamation suite against her. But if it is not possible then ask your wife to prove it and wait till a child is born to your lady colleague to enable to go for the DNA test to verify the paternity. By the way whether your colleague lady is married? 

Aashish George (lawyer)     09 March 2013

i agree with ranee...., accusation can be made, but it has to be proven in order for the accusations to become a fact. there is no cure for doubt and only truth can set your wife free. so, let her prove it! the more worked up you get, the more fuel it will be to the fire.

sridhar pasumarthy (ADVOCATE)     09 March 2013

Burden of proof lies upon a person who asserts a fact.

It is not easy to prove negative subject to certain exceptions.


Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     09 March 2013

law does not haved answer to convince an illogical and suspicious mind.

Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     27 March 2013

it is very great situation that you have to prove your credibility before your life partner 

one thing we can understand the situation made her such grave doubt on you means it should be enalyzed that in the past you may have wrong to your wife 

here situation is you should prove your credibility means you can convince your business partner with family to lunch or dinner at your residence and also try to cnvince your wife if any thing untowad incident occures your job will go and make both of them be friendly and the atmosphere will continue after also 

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