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Md Omar farooq   16 January 2020

permission for Friday prayers for muslims



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Rupin Dhama   16 January 2020

No, there is no law for this and this is not feasible as if the law will allow you to do that everyone will demand for his religious benefits.
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Rupin Singh

Md Omar farooq   17 January 2020

thanks sir we know its farz and I am ready to keep leave for information I asked and I had read somewhere it's a constitutional right
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Md Omar farooq   17 January 2020

thanks sir

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     17 January 2020

I retired from service in BARC. Just a few meters outside of one of the gates of BARC there is a mosque. Many Muslims go there during lunch hour on Fridays for namaz. The security at all gates had instruction to note down the names of those who go out during office hours and return. Their names along with their 'in' and 'out' timings will be sent by the security to the respective Heads of Divisions. If their absence from office was beyond the permissible duration half a day's casual leave will be cut from their account. Names used to come to me and I used to cut their leave. One of the Muslims came to me and requested me that he should be premitted to go for the namaz as a Muslim. I asked him to give his request in writing and I forwarded his request to Trombay Council which was the decision making body on policy matters. In due course I got reply from the Council. There was a similar request from some Muslim Governmnt servants in Delhi to go to Juma Masjid for prayer. The request was not acceded to. It was not Modi Government. Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister then. I told the Muslim applicant that he could come to my room on Fridays and pray. He never came.

Vijaya Dasami is a Goverment holiday. But on the previous day it will be an undeclared holiday. All will be busy with the celebrations. Some secularists used to question how it was permitted.

Shadab Ansari   19 January 2020

Mr. om prakash..
article 25 of India constitution has give every Indian right to profess, practice and propagate their religion...
offering Namaz is practice of religion so Namaz not only on Jumua rather everyday is fundamental right of a muslim. ...

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     20 January 2020

When one joins Government service, whether Hindu, Muslim or any other, one gives undertaking that one will attend to the call of duty as and when required. It means that one undertakes to attend one's duty during the hours of duty fixed by the employer and take leave of absence with permission, which may or may not be granted depending on exigencies of work. Leave of absence that one can avail is also regulated and fixed. Hence when a Muslim (or any other) joins Government service he voluntarily surrenders his right of absence from duty as and when he likes. He can take leave with permission, go to the mosque and pray. 

In countries where Muslims are majority others are persecuted.  Why not you raise your voice against such persecution? The so called fight for freedom in Kashmir, they call jihad.  Please raise your voice and tell them that there is no place for jihad in modern world. UN will not support jihad. Respect the religions of others the same Hindus respect your religion here.

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     21 January 2020

The fundamental rights enshrined in our constitution are basic human rights recognised by UN. They are applicable to the entire humanity. Those fundamental rights are denied in most Muslim countries to the West of India and to a milder extent in the Muslim countries to the East of India. We cannot have in our debates and arguments one set of norms within India and another set without India.  Muslims in India claim that they are secular. If so they should raise their voice against attrociities on Hindus in India and elsewhere in the world. When attrocities were perpetrated on Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 most of those who raised their voice against were Hindus. When Hindus were driven out of Kashmir was there a single secular Muslim in India who raised his voice against it? Why even Hindus are so secular that they were and are silent on it. Only a few communal Hindus raise their voice. As for the fundamental right of Muslims to go to a Mosque and pray during working hours, I have given my reply without any Hindu-Muslim issue.

Shadab Ansari   02 February 2020

the ones who don't know even aleef and b of Islam are advised to focus on their illiteracy. ..
I don't consider you a human.. by this will you get out of the group of homo-sepiens (humans)?...
every govt's scheme is subject to fundamental rights. ...fundamrntal rights are irreduceable minimum.. govts proposal is subject to fundamental rights. . can you say that you cannot breath because you are on duty and you have surrendered your all the rights(including right to life)?
and the ones who are interested in cobstitutional Law or consider themselves a "legend" are invited here to debate on constitutional issues...
don't try to escape otherwise you will be called a fugitive..

Shadab Ansari   03 February 2020

best way of are called fugitive as per previous notification...

Shadab Ansari   03 February 2020

you have made a claim... put forward the argument of your claim if you are truthful...

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