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I have gone through a strange experience, can you please suggest what to do now?

I tried to recharge my DTH account through Paytm wallet but my transaction failed, then I tried repeatedly for next 24 hours but everytime it wasn't successful. Since my DTH was out of balance I recharge my DTH directly with my service provider Videocon and it was successful withing a few seconds.

I asked Paytm to refund deducted amount (Rs 1518) to my source bank. I got this reply -

1. You need minimum Rs. 2000 to transfer amount from your wallet to your source bank.

2. There's a 4% transaction fee for transferring amount from wallet to bank.

3. Paytm has added amount to your wallet which you can use for other transaction.

I have sent them a 24 hours notice clarifying -

It wasn't my fault, I tried repeatedly and till next 24 hours my transaction was not completed, you say there's a problem with Videocon while on same time  have recharged my DTH within a few seconds direclty from Videcon.

I dont have any use to that amount at the moment and I need my money back to my source.

You are asking for a 4% fee for transferring amount which is completely illegal, that's applicable when I would have transferred cash to Paytm wallet and then would have asked for trasnfer (which is your T&C). According to you if want my money back then first I need to transfer 500 cash to your Paytm wallet (to make it Rs 2000) then can transfer back to my account by paying you Rs. 80 for same. Can you tell me why? that means if I would have tried a transaction of Rs. 1 Lac and if was unsuccessful then you would have asked me to pay Rs. 8000 as transaction fee?

Isn't it a trick to generate extra income? through transaction fee or to force a user to use that specific amount on other deals where you are earning more? I have noticed you generate traffic to your site by offering heavy discount and when a user try to do a transaction it goes uncompleted on so many occassion.

I am serving you a 24 hours notice, either complete my transaction or pay my money back, I dont want to keep that money to paytm wallet. If you do not respond then I would have no choice to seek for a legal help.

PLEASE HELP - I have served above notice and more than 48 hours but I didnt hear back from Paytm, they stopped responding to my mails since I have sent a notice. Can you please suggest where can I complaint for this case? 1500 is not a big amount but I want to teach a lesson to such cheaters, they are fooling lot of innocent customers because like me now they want me to use that amount on other deals where thye are earning.

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    Lawyer at Supreme Court of India

    Sir, Send them legal for unfair trade practice .... Warm Regards Kapil Chandna Advocate 9899011450

    I had a similar situation few months back.. Publish this across Social Media tagging #Paytm and they will revert in a days time..

    I had a similar situation few months back.. Publish this across Social Media tagging #Paytm and they will revert in a days time..

    Dear Manoj Ahuja, please feel free to share this link across social media you can. We really need to teach them hard lessons for unfair practice.




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