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i am posting this after hearing my cousin's matter. 

i have returned now from UAE and this matter has shocked our family. being  a relative we do not even know this much has happened. please advise. i am giving brief descripttttion. i have jotted down on a sheet and am producing it here. please advise.

in 2005, he got married to a woman who was working in a mnc. sincerely ( i call him emotional fool ) he has opened bank account for her, paid her post-graduation exam fees, got add-on credit card, all within six months. i always used to tell him that people should earn their respect and love. but he would say he is sensitive.

in 2006, she gave birth to a baby boy and fourth day the boy has died.

the father of the girl said it was jaundice, but hospital doctor says choking. upon questioning they said while feeding milk, the child blurped and no one was immediately around and the milk choked the child.

but my cousin says he doubts the child was killed since he raised objection to the girl's mother not caring properly and ants were on hospital bed near child.

then, same year 2006, the girl goes home during navaratri and does not return.

my cousin saw for two months and then upon someone advising, he has sent a legal notice which says she has not returned and that she has to return.

within few days, she appoints one advocate, sends a reply notice citing all pack of cooked up lies, follows up with police complaint, pulls him to the police station under dowry harassment, without court order, takes back all her items and jewellery and goes away.

within one week, her advocate calls my cousin, he goes to his office, there a mutual consent divorce is demanded and money is demanded.

This fool cousin of mine, has agreed and same year 2007, she changes to a leading famous woman advocate of bangalore, used some NGO free lancer to threaten him again over phone demanding a site but he has refused and applied for mutual consent divorce, paid her few lakhs, obtained divorce by mutual consent as per time-frame and in 2008, it is all over.

easily he has let her go and her family go away after such serious tricks.

the worst part is she has lied under oath to the court that she was unemployed but we now found out using our contact that she was employed at that time.

the biggest discovery was that her sister who married a christian and she too might have converted to christianity since she has never fetched any of her school records whenever asked. i raised my suspicion that she might be a christian and hinduism marriage was also fraud. not doing background check was a huge blunder. they agree now but say it is too late. how can it be too late. the law can catch anytime. 


1) my cousin says he agreed to MCD and alimony since he wanted to prevent 498 A and other acts. i call  him a fool who lost a easy battle. what do you learned counsels say ? do you agree with him as clever or with me that he is a fool.

2) he says he doubts the child was killed. it is 8 years over now. can such a case be re-opened ? can an investigation be started ? i spoke to one advocate over phone in bangalore and he says it is very difficult. but another advocate says on grounds of suspicion she can be called for investigation but she can deny and neatly turn it on him saying he is harassing. 

3) i spoke over phone to the same famous woman advocate whom that girl had approached. i told her about the case and she says " lie to court under oath " about her employment can be taken up but in today's scenario, chances are high that court will say ' it is anyhow all over. just move on'.

but how to ' just move on '. are men so weak that they justify with philosophical statements ?

i am proud my husband and i stand for rights. if we do not fight, will our neighbour fight for us ?

but , practically in india, as one advocate nicely said, courts are not only centres of justice but also centres of delay.

so, in my cousin's case, what is the advise by you learned counsels ?

4) how to find and obtain records if she was converted to christianity before marriage ? what is the procedure ?

5) her brother is now a journalist and has contacts with so many dirty elements of society. this is one more road-block in this case.

over-all, this is too much of cheating. by her entire family with their criminal thinking.

second marriage is another thing. i am also searching for him. but divorcee means parents of women are hesitating.

so much of mental agony because of all these. but he still maintains that what he did was wise at that time.

please advise for the five points above.

Thanking you

soujanya vishwas




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