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nomination of pf applicable to gratuity

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A Bank Employee died at around 52 years of age leaving behined Wife, two married daughters and one married daughter.

He was given nomination  of Wife in PF but missed in Gratuity form. Wife 's name appreas on PF statement also.

Bank is not disbursing PF, anf other bennefits in the absence of signing of all family mambers and Gurantees etc.


Please advise if nomination of PF becomes applicable for gratuity also though not written as nominee in Gratuity?


Does married Daughter's also have to sign papers?

married daughter is also legal heir or not?


Please adviise possible with details of ACT and clauses or some case details if possible.




Nomination of PF is not applicable for  Gratuity . PF and Gratuity are governed by two different Acts and regulatiions. In this case Bank should pay the PF amount to the registered nominee. For payment of Gratuity signature of all the legal heirs of the deceased is necessary.

Regarding second question in this case married daughter is also a legal . Daughter has equal rights in the assets of her father .

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Dy. General manager

Dependent" means any of the following relatives of a deceased insured person namely:

(i) a widow, a legitimate or adopted son who has not attained the age of 25 years, an

unmarried legitimate or adopted daughter


and   Nominee for the purpose of Gratuity will be normally the Legal heirs of the deceased employees. If the deceased employee is in bachelor status, his nominee will be the legal heirs or the Gratuity nominee if any given by the staff. Else, the deceased employee spouse will automatically be reckoned as nominee for the purpose of claiming Gratuity


Please advise on this.




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