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Shweta (Not applicable)     03 January 2014

Neighbor filling false complaint against us

Hello Sir,

I with my husband has been living at our present location for more than 5 years now.  We had some heated argument with our neighbor over parking issue around 4.5 years back  and after that there was never a debate over parking and at the same time we have not been on talking terms as well. 

Since both of us are working we usually leave by 7:00 a.m in the morning and come by 7:00 p.m in evening and life has been smooth. I have been working from home for the past 3 months because my pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy and travelling is not recommended and also I have had multiple miscarraiges in past. So far my mother in law was staying  with me but for the last 1.5 months I'm usually alone at home.  

Last month I heard him  bad mouthing about us and especially about my mother in law that we throw garbage in his pipe and so his pipe get blocked . He was loud enough to make sure that I hear him well. I did  ask him that if he has problem he can himself or send his plumber to our house to which he very rudely replied. Also since he was continously babbling I warned him that I have to call police if he doesn't stop to which his reply was gain "Ja karley jo karna hai mein dekh loonga (Since he is himself a lawyer)" . After a while I just ignored him and he also stopped. I did share the same with my husband.

Last week we were coming from my Godh bharai function and it was around 10:30 p.m in night. Unfortunately someone else parked their car at our location. We checked within our building  but could not find the owner.  So we honked to get attention of owner of car. Some people did come out including our neighbor but not the owner.  There was no other option but to find another place to park  after offloading godh bharai stuff at our house. When I passed from nearby our neighbor (because the passage is common) he was again backbiting about us with some other neighbor. I ignored him and went to our house but unfortunately my husband could not.  When my husband asked what is his problem and why is he continously babbling and staring at us his reply was "abbey ja" and then argument started. It picked up further heat when he used absolutely  abusive language saying " Kuttey terey  kutiya  ke pehley bhi bachey kharab huee hain aur aagey bhi nahin hoongey" . My husband also responded in anguish ki "pagal bachey paida karney se tou bacchey na hoo" After a while our other neighbors intervened to end this and we went to our house. After us however our neighbor's fight started with someone else whom we didn't know but they certainly lived in our block.  We were way too tired and it was very dissapointing and stressing for me that my godh bharai ended in such a bizarre way on top of it hearing such abusive words for our unborn child.  AS if this was not enough, our neighbor filed a complaint against us that were honking, abused them, locked them in their house and then my husband tried to attack our neighbor's wife with a strolley , when he was actually offloading the godh bharai stuff. They also falsely claimed that I (who is now entering my 8th month) attacked his wife and that 2 other men have to drag me away from her when the fact was all the time I was standing near my house due to the fear that a single push from them could have caused a havoc in our life. So the ordeal finally ended by spending 2 hours in police station explaining them the entire situation and returning home at around 2:00 a.m.

I have not been able to sleep well and fear that he might again instigate and again lodge a false complain. Please someone please help us and what is the necessary action we can take against him and his wife apart from avoiding him. He himself is a lawyer and his wife is teacher and claims themselves to be senior citizens. 

Eagerly awaiting for some valuable advice.

Thanks in advance!!






 5 Replies

Simi Salooja (Legal Secretary)     03 January 2014

You file a complain before they do... and have a peaceful sleep...

pls do not stress out.. and take care of yourself.


Adv Simi



Chatriyan (Engineer)     04 January 2014

The lawyers think that they are very supreme and no one could do anything to them,above them there is God.who will intervene at right time to teach them appropriate lesson.I would suggest to look for a good and genuine lawyer.who will help you out.

RAJIV BHASIN (ADVOCATE) (Bhasin Legal Consultants(SOLICITORS & ADVOCATES) bhasin.laws@yahoo.com 9811210505)     04 January 2014

Dear Shweta,

This very sad incident happened with you. You should file a complaint against lawyer about his abusive language and misbehaviour to the police station immediately mentioning all this has happened with you. Also send the complaint to SHO, Commissioner of Police and Local Bar Association with whom he is enrolled then enjoy the peace forever.


Rajiv Bhasin 


Bhasin Legal Consultants

www. bhasinlegalconsultants.com 


2BHelpfull (Other)     04 January 2014

they cannot detain women at Night in police station unless the case is strong and of grievous offence.


write a letter to the SHO of the Police Station.and donnot take any tension.


why didnot u file a NC against the lawyer then n there only.

Shweta (Not applicable)     06 January 2014

Thank you all for your suggestions.  I my husband will definately  pursue the complaint with SHO of the police station.   That day we just did not know what/how to handle the situation and some of the basic things did not struck our head. 

Thank you very much for giving directions for future.



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