i wanted to buy a second hand car. I found one and contacted the person. Initally i liked the car and paid advance of Rs. 10,000/-. Later i couldnt go for it. When i asked to return back my money, he told he will give back after he sell the car. now its been 3 months he has not returned the money. As well as he has not sold the car yet. Now i told him that i will take the car if u dont give the money. After that he is avoiding my phone calls, i dont know his exact address i only know the appartment where he live & place of work. As the proof of paid advance, i have sheet/paper(not a bond paper), where he has writtened himself that he took advance of 10,000 and remaining amount will be settled by me whiletaking car and signed by him (please refer the attachment). Also i took a mechanic during that time, so he knows i paid him the advance amount. Is it possible can i file a cheating case against him to police? will i get the justice? Do i need to follow any procedure?