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Need divorce from unfaithful husband

Page no : 3


But ranjeeb, bail is not the end of the story!...The husband and his family members are tortured and harrassed a lot for money for endless number of years and this leaves a lifelong psychological impact on their minds. False implication, humiliation and extreme tortures can even create criminals out of innocent people.

In simple words, the way these cases are dealt with is like KIDNAPPING YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS (in the hands of police and crts) AND SEEKING RANSOM FOR YEARS BY TORTURING THEM. If you are incapable of paying a high ransom, your loved one is slowly killed by this torture.

I have seen a complete family of 5 who are facing these false cases for around 3.5 years and tortured by police and multiple highly biased orders against them. They are on verge of commiting suicide each day.

The only thing I can say to all false case victims is "assume you are dead and fight with full courage when you have nothing left to lose" as this is better than commiting suicide!..Some people fought and died to earn freedom for our nation, get inspired from them!



Hi Mercy 12345,

Why you not try to live with him ?

See" Taali kabhi ek haath se nahi bajti hain", Hope you understand & may be you too done any mistake.

Try to seek a appropriate solution for your problem.

Otherwise in present days, These 498a & other related laws used by bride party mostly for money making only.

But remember " DHANDHA HAIN PAR GANDA HAIN YEH", For both bride as well for bridegroom.

Too remember, Any relation b/w girl and boy of any age group not leads to adultery. So have your mind in right direction.

Rest you better judge in your problem.



Abhinatre Gupt.

Vivek (Team member)     06 October 2011

Oh god..How the lawer can give this type of advise. I am a victiim of this type of case. Once she got some point based on this this she have arrange some people in their house and have taken all this. I dont know for me only 2 month...i dont think she have given this post or what..So mr dear expert plese give me some idea to come out from this...Just after one week I came to other city for work and ours was a register marriage..we had no physical intercourse...we meet through matrimonial site...and just day after the register marriage she and her parents were asking about properties and insurance and banks. That time only I came to know all this thing that she hv eye on this only. It just 2 month completed and I came to know to make the points like above she starts talkng with me and recorded all this thing...

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     07 October 2011

Dear Vivek,


I hope no case is filed as yet. Sit across and try to resolve the diffirences.


If things don't work out, meet a lawyer and take things forward.




Shonee Kapoor


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Dowry giving is also crime.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     14 October 2011

This is old news. 




Shonee Kapoor


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cm jain sir (ccc)     08 November 2011

Grover sir and all the ld lawyers,

most of the lawyers when contacted by wife side, tell them to file directly  498a and DV case on husband and their family members becoz its the way where money can be earned.

Nobody talks for patchup. its a bitter truth.

After filing these fake cases who will go for patchup? It should be done at the first instance.

BBut we sufferers of false 498a really thankful to lawyer community for guiding here free of cost.

Grover sir and other ld experts, thanks for guiding the people here!

Dr. GYV Victor., PhD., CEng., (Chartered Engineer Dredge Master (STCW 95) Marine Shipping Contracts Customs Arbitrator and Consultant)     12 December 2011

From the story board it is bit difficult to analyse the situation as Mercy has already made grounds from adultery to impotency of the man. If medically he is impotent, adultery cant sustain, and if adultery is admissable, impotency cant sustain by teh medical ethics. So you need to make your mind if he is impotent or not. If s*xual activity eas absent, how can you know he is impotent ot incapable to cohabitate. You may have to review your charges and let the experts understand your need so as to advice you suitably.

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