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Manasa (student)     25 March 2010

My husband says no physical relationship in Marriage

Respected sir/madam,

                                                 8 months back I got married. My husband hided his real details about his ISCON life style(vaisnavas-IIT-DELHI).He physically& mentally harassed me,asking cash instead of property which is in my name.Perverted life style.He is doing Ph.D in IIT-Chennai.He is abig lier &cheater.None of his relatives nor his parents told us about his real life. He told indirectly.Infact confused &mislead us.Now he abondoned me& asking to settle matter privately.My life is ruined.My family members &my health is spoiling.Now my brother also has to get married. He harasses not only my parents but also my brother who is working hard for our livehood .My brother also has to pay back debts& should go for further studies..He used to send some mails &also chat with my brother constantly disturbing him.He says I did not take any dowry & you people spent lavishly on marriage.Before he told only to giveup non-veg,no onion&garlic.He &his relatives made a secret plot &trapped us seeing our innocence.We happen to meet each other on Jeevan convinced us acting smartly.This is a cold murder.Now he blames me for every thing.He is forcing to settle matter secretly without giving even a penny.He actually got property from his paternal grand father only after marriage.Cleverly he married me &left me after taking property from his grand pa.Hardly I was with him only for 54 days.Actually such kind of people should get married  only in their community.But he has a bad name there.His main activity is to convert people into ISCON.He forcefully use to convert people&students in MVZR college when he was working there in Vizianagaram.He also trained his niece with his network & left her as she is poor.His main motto is to convert people especially girls into Krsna consciousness.He is angry &foolish.I & my family would have committed suicide because he defamed us.He was brain washed 10 yrs ago when he was doing in IIT DELHI.He got addicted to listening to his sir's devotional lectures.He says one has to give up eating, mating,sleeping ,defending...He is irrational.He leads a peculiar lifestyle trained by his guru  who in now in Udipi.These people are irrational & perverted.Please help.He says he is not ready to giveup his guru's network.Guru provocates saying that one has to give up parents,wife ,children etc if they are not Krsna conscious.He says you take me to Psychiatrist even then i won't change....Fickelminded...endless are his peculiar deeds..


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Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     25 March 2010

Poor girl.

Manish Singh (Advocate)     25 March 2010

yes i agree with Mr. Prabhakar and you can file a divorce petition on the above said grounds since you shall not be able to move a petition for annulment of marriage under section 12 as per the facts and circumstances of your matter.

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Sanjeev Panda (Advocate)     25 March 2010

You can file a divorce petition on the ground of cruelty as suggested by Mr. Prabhakar and Mr. Manish. This guy is sick because the guru who taught him is also sick. If he belives in celibacy, then  he should not have married you at the first place. If everyone go on to believe the misinterpreted version of celibacy the guy is professing and propogating than the world will come to an end.

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Adv. Biju Gopal (Advocate FAMILY LAWYERS Kottayam Kerala     25 March 2010

You can file a petition for divorce after expiry of one year from the date of marriage.  Before one year you should obtain permission of the court.  But you can file a case before the Family Court for recovery of  money and Ornaments, now itself.  first attach the property and then proceed.

Adv. Biju Gopal

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Vikas Dharmendra (Consultant)     25 March 2010

You go for divorce by mutual consent and let him go from your life.

Let you do whatever you want and let him do whatever he want,  Do not think that yourlife is ruined, this is called badluck by chance and most of the peoples got into this kind of situations.

He can not take anything from you, it is just 8 month of marriage, you have lot of grounds to seperate from her. Get dovorce and I suggesting not to file unnecessary cases like Domestic Violence, these will waste your precious time also. Go for the thing you want, tell him to come for mutual consent divorce, he has to give divorce to you. there is no need to time waste to stuck with this relatioinship.

Best of Luck!!!!

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Arup Kumar Gupta, Korba, Chattishgarh ((m)9893058429)     26 March 2010


then why he marry?

Please ask him who is Radha? who is Sita?

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Arup Kumar Gupta, Korba, Chattishgarh ((m)9893058429)     26 March 2010

please do not agitated him.  avoid unnecessary arguement. i shall give you a detailed answer latter on.

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mahavir singh (ADVOCACY)     02 April 2010


CA Adarsh Agrawal (CMD of SHAYVIDZ Group)     08 May 2010

I also agree with Prabhakar Sir & Manish Sir !!


All depends on ur decision for future !!! everthing is in ur hand !!! think twice & take action accordingly !!!


I think everything is good within the limit !!! but beyond the limit, its just not ok !!



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scharlie (worker)     09 May 2010

This is really a differnt type of case because lord krishna is married with radha.then why ISCON people do this type work.

I am agree with some above poster but in my concern mutual consent is a good option. if he is agree for break up then you can go court.


child custody advice for children

G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     09 May 2010

He might have agreed for marriage on compulsion from his parents. But now you have have your remedy under Divorce - cruelty

Manasa (student)     21 July 2011

Now my husband is giving mutual consent divorce u/s 13B h.m.a.

He agreed to pay the amount spent on marriage &stated in the documents in the form of  permanent alimony.

Even we have decided to get rid of him .August 11,2011 would be final signing day for divorce.

Ms Liberal (others)     22 July 2011

Surely your husband is the follower of religion . whether he has renounced the world?'

as preaching or devotee to god is not ground for divorce

He says I did not take any dowry & you people spent lavishly on marriage.

Your avermnet cleearly stes thgat he has not demnaded dowry why you want to flasely imlicate under 498A/DV Act -Kindly don't misuse it

e actually got property from his paternal grand father only after marriage.Cleverly he married me &left me after taking property from his grand pa

Its now clear that his purpose of the marriage was to gain property from his grand pa


and now compelling to go for mutual divorce?

You have not sted whether you are interested for diovorce or not?

Whether you have sufficient income for mainatanace?

If u ae interested for divoce and you don't have source of income you can ask him for one time alimony /or some shre in the pRoperty if he is the owner. Kindly see whether he is the owner or may transferred to religioyus group


Dear Manasa


What is the query now?You are updating your marital issue after 1 yr. now.

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