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My husband says no physical relationship in Marriage

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Manasa (student)     22 July 2011

We did not  even  gave a single complaint to  Police.My husband's previous lawyer was surprised  at  my husband's saddistic mentality  on investigatation.My husband's brought up is not nice.My brother & my parents cannot follow celibacy,ISKCON RULES etc.We cannot  renounce this world like him. We want to be useful to the society.We no longer cannot bear his spiritual torture.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     22 July 2011

Dear Manasa


I can v.well empathise with your situation,because my hubby too joined this spiritual org. after ditching and dumping me.


On one hand he joined this spiritual org where members are supposed to follow celibacy & all,on the other,he was having an affair with his married Indian colleague,who's also a part of the same org. surprisingly.So both these holy people were actually doing pooja of each other,after cheating on their respective spouses.

while this pooja paath was going on,his mum back in India was torturing me in the most pathetic and vulgar ways you can ever imagine.That also after doing her daily pooja.rather she is also obsessed with pooja,tradition,etc to the point of madness....Her orthodoxy was so much,that any good psychaitrist will call her mad.


These God fearing spiritual people cheated me,abused me in the filthiest ways they could,took away 70% of my streedhan which they never returned,and defamed me in their own social circle by creating all sorts of nonsense stories about me..


Not only this,my husband after dumping me in India for 2.5 yrs. started giving his matrimonial ads in ISKCON matrimonial websites.When I told my lawyer about it who was drafting my DV case at that time in which I had appealed to be taken back to my matrimonial home,she immediately advised me to write to the website owner that I am his wife.so he has no right to remarry and give his ads like this.rather i shud send her my marriage certificate to prove my marriage.


strangely when i wrote to the owner(a female)that he's married yet giving his matrimonial ads,she started lecturing me that in hindus,a wife has to be submissive,and that they wont remove his ad,and blah blah blah...being a hindu man,he can remarry even when the wife is alive,in case he is unhappy with her.


and that i shud live alone in some holy city;not with my parents.because it's shameful for an abandoned woman to live with her parents......and a lot of other such nonsense.


all this crap i had to hear even though i had written to her to request her to remove his profile.since i was expecting to return to him.


i know these so called religious people are the most sadistic type.

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