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my father contacts everyone without my permission

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My father contacts every employer and thus every employee is in touch with him and every school principal and college principal and all the students that i become friends with were in constant touch with my father and used to pass information to him . i am mentally perfectly ok and am working for a software giant company as a software consultant and doing really well which is evident from the fact that i get to work on the most challenging tasks and have great respect all over . I even have a girlfriend . I dont think i need any help from my father but he just dosent stop trying to help me . If i ever tell anyone about my problems he comes to know about them and then tries to solve them by his influence and requests . He probably has requested people to help me because he thinks i am incapable of helping myself .Can i get rid of him ? 


Many  dont have a father at all, there are many who have a father who does not care, you have both.  Stop worrying.  Talk to your dad, make him understand that you are feeling not that good about him trying to help you around by contacting people.  If he agrees fine.  If he continues dont overreact and hurt him..

You are really lucky to have a father like that.  Value him when he is still alive, not after that.  

Well, legally you cannot do anything about this.


Helping hand does always answer perfectly Value ur father and feel good about having a father who cares so much about his son Maybe u will realise this once u gonna be a father

one day, take just one shoe of the pair of shoes of your father and hide it in the attic.

next day, take away his watch and hide it somewhere.

third day, take away his spectacles and hide it somewhere.

like this, daily take away some item of his and hide it somewhere and return it to it's original place the next day.

let him be busy searching....then after one week tell him that you were exactly similarly tensed when he continuously contacted your acquaintances regularly....

he is very concerned about you and so such harmless tricks by you will make him understand that you are now an adult and do not like interference.

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