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Raghuram D (Engineer)     21 February 2012

Multiple accusations by wife and inlaws



I got married on 21st November 2011. Since the wedding my wife did  not talk to me or my parents freely, I mean she did not appear happy about the marriage. We thought she needs time to adjust.

Whenever I tried to touch her or get close to her, she showed extreme un-comfort.  Our first night was scheduled on 19th December 2011 as I had to go back to my work place in Hyderabad 1 week after the marriage. On the first night she cried when I tried to go near her and she asked for 2 months time to adjust to the marriage. She said she was not prepared for the marriage and she also did not have any other option to avoid the marriage as she finished her studies and she does not want to work. I said OK.

I took her to Hyderabad on 20th December 2011 and she continued to stay away from me physically. Whenever I tried to speak to her or go near hear she avoided me by crying and beating her self. On January 6th 2012 I called her dad and told him that she does not appear happy with marriage and she is not willing to have any physical relationship. He promised to visit me and talk it out but her parents never visited my place to sort out the problem.

On Jan 15th 2012, I was at my parents place along with my wife and asked my in-laws to visit me for a discussion and I told them the problem again. No action was taken by her parents; they just promised me that they will sort out things.

On Jan 30th 2012 I was in Hyderabad with my wife and her parents along with few people visited my place and accused me of physically and mentally harassing her. He also accused me of being an impotent and has physiological issues and took my wife along with them.

He being a lawyer has now accused me/my family of following.

  1. I am impotent, and has physically harassed her.
  2. My parents harassed her for dowry.
  3. My sisters have mentally tortured her.

Now my inlaws is asking for 10Lakh rupees to settle this matter within family including seperation or he will go to court. What should we do? What charges will be put on me/my family. How I can we fight back the allegations.

Please let me know if I need to provide any more information. I will be extremly thankful for any suggestions.


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Raghuram D (Engineer)     21 February 2012

I did not mentioned clearly that my father in law is a lawyer.

Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (     21 February 2012

Dear Mr.Raghuram, 

Though there is no basis for the same - however they can still  implicate you in false dowry case, and can implicate your entire family in the same. To Guard against the same you can start by intimating the concerned authorities as to your apprehension. Which can be followed by Anticipatory Bail if need be. Well thought out Pre-emptive action can really do wonders in such cases. Though the laws in India are heavily skewed in favour of women. 

try getting in touch with organisations like Mencell/SIF (

Raghuram D (Engineer)     21 February 2012

Dear Bharat, 

Thanks a lot for your reply. Regarding the concerned authorities you mention, can it be local DSP/SP?. My uncle proposed that we visit the office of DSP and inform the situation.

raj malhotra (M.D)     22 February 2012

my brother raghuram...i know its the toughest decision of ur life but belive me bro ur wife didnt married u willfilluly as she now wants to get rid of u i have been thru same phase also{very painfully offcourse} .....u r a victim of fraud marriage...get rid of it as soon as u cant to domush to save ur respect,famiy and time..better try to bring down their extortion demand and get rid off her...bcs as long u will pull this matter,it will kill ur money,family,respect,carrier, be brave...ake it as a bad karma or bad experience of life and get rif of her...bcs if u will fight u will bw losing u already its better to lose a lost game...take themmm...forget and start a new life my brother raghuram...

raj malhotra (M.D)     22 February 2012

same things my wife did on honeymoon.....avoiding my physical contact and crying and later it turned out to be alligations and extortions in huge amount as compared to get rid of it right safe...take care..

Alok Tholiya (self employed)     22 February 2012

I trust ur story and based on that : 

  1. Hayderabad has a world famous Urologist and andrologist. Go and obtain certificate that u r not impotent.
  2. Even if one has impotency same can be temporary or most of it are solveable but due to shyness not many take benefit of modern science and keep suffering. 
  3. It is better torealise impending dangerous and with women too having same rights pl. note that they will exercise same ( rightly or wrongly). You should  hv sent a email / letter giving an account of behaviour in writing which wud hv helped you. 
  4. Better late then never write to them polite letter of incidents, attach s*xual fitness certificate and requaest that both be sent for counseling and find good marriage counselor. 
  5. If they still fight with u and u r ready with fitness certificate and all other evidence then file a demation case of Rs 1 cr on them that they have spoilt ur imgae before their relatives who had come with them, your family and samaj. 

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     22 February 2012

Hope you have collected evidences voice recordings etc 


Where are u from, and the her father is Lawyer where ?

dr.pawan rajyan (member and secretory)     22 February 2012

 dear friend, you are going to be trapped.inform dsp/sp in written.,stating copy is send to(secretary-state,cm state,secretary pmo,human right commisioner.if they register a case then take A.BAIL FOR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS. join S.I.F.F.,visit 498A.BLOGSPOT.COM.never give anything to greedy cats.regards

k.chandrasekharan (advocate)     22 February 2012

All the answerers so far have added one dimension or the other to the issue. All are right-meaning advices, which you have to take into account. First of all write down in detail all happening right from pre marriage negotiations, to date in as much detail as possible, the conversations in the speaker's own language and words as far as possible. This will serve a useful purpose for your advocate while facing legal proceedings. Writing is suggested because, people are prone to forget and in tense mood facts will get fudged chronologically.

Pre emptive action is necessary. Issue a notice of divorce on ground of unconsummated marriage on account of frigidity of your wife. There is no pre emptive action in criminal cases, which are to be faced. Informing police authorities of apprehension, may serve as a ground for getting anticipatory bail, if needed but trial has to be faced.

Raghuram D (Engineer)     22 February 2012

thanks bro. I am very sorry on what happend you, I can understand the pain. Thanks for sharing your experience and for your suggestion.

Raghuram D (Engineer)     22 February 2012

No Mr. Swapnil. I did not do that. I am late on this.

Raghuram D (Engineer)     22 February 2012

Dear friend. Can I approach DSP of any city or the city where the girl belongs to.? Please suggest.

**Vikram** (Managing Partner)     23 February 2012

Mr Alok Tholia has advised rightly, but the moment you try to do as suggested by Mr Tholia, in order to protect herself and her family she will file 498a etc etc..all these things will be required to be done at a later stage..first you have to protect yourself..


First and formost..

(1) write an official letter to the local police station that my wife, immeidately after marriage is threatening to file criminal cases against me and my family members..and in return asking for money..


(2) Get the letter stamped by that you have a proof that they have received the letter..getting the letter stamped in very important..


(3) Submit the copy of the letter to all the higher police authorities DSP/SP/ACP/CP all as far as possible..


(4) Also submit the same copy of the letter to the police station local to your wife's home..


(5) In the letter mention CC ie..copies to so and so..


(6) you may also file a complaint of extortion u.s 384 IPC against them..the offence in Cognizable and non-bailable..they will have to go to jail for few is truth no harm in it..


This action will keep you in power..unlike in other cases..where the other side is in power after filing criminal cases against the husband...


Any fear from your side..or delay may put you in serious trouble...act at once..



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