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vicky (Executive )     22 December 2011

Mis use of cibil report by banks employees

I want to bring attention of all the people towards the misuse of CIBIL report by Banks. After go through my Cibil report i found that RBS and PNB has access so many times my credit report without any reason. After lot of enquiry i come to know that employees of the respected bank collied with outsiders and share my report to them. I have made complaint to RBS and PNB both but instead of taking action they informed me that they can not ascertain the person who access the report. I also have written to RBI but all in vain no body ready take the action against the fruad employees.




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Kumar Doab (FIN)     22 December 2011

The members of CIBIL e.g. PNB, RBS in your case can access the credit report of the an applicant/customer whenever a customer seeks credit. The access to CIBIL report is not available to one and all in the bank. It is made available to some selected and designated officials only.

If you feel that your credit report has been shared by the bank with an outside agency which has nothing to do with the bank's decision making process on your application you have a reason to protest.

In case you have defaulted on the payments to the bank then as per agreement signed with bank ( if you have signed any and if and only if such clause exits) bank can share your credit report with its credit bureaus.

You may carefully check the copy of your applications/agreements.

You may post specific and complete details.

vicky (Executive )     22 December 2011

i have made the strong protest to bank. RBS and PNB both confirmed that report has been access even after i have not submit any application for any credit. RBS has apologiesdfor the same and PNB has also make some enquiries. But unable to ascertain the person who access the same. it is very strange that this type of such important information is being circulated so casually.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     22 December 2011

Each report is assigned a unique number.

Each empowered/competent/designated employee of the bank has to punch in codes to generate the report.

For that matter nowadays in professionally managed companies, even if a printout is taken by an employee, the company can tell which employee has taken a printout and how many!!!

What is the damage caused to you?

Although both the banks can not circulate and for that matter even generate your report without any reason or need, you have to assign a cause and justification to your protest.

Did RBS apologies in writing, or if the apology is verbal, have you recorded it?

If you feel that PNB local office has generated and circulated your report you may mee t the IT manager/credit manager and discreetly find out who are the authorized employees, and then lodge a complaint in writing, under acknowledgment.

vicky (Executive )     23 December 2011

I have received apologies from RBS in Written and from PNB you will be surprised to note that there is no system to control the credit report generation. I have persue the lot to PNB even talk to IT head and Vigileance Head. They informed me that they can not take any action because there is no monetary loss to me and trying to save currupt employees.


Kumar Doab (FIN)     23 December 2011

In the peculiar situation the affected citizen should record the incidences (audio/visual).

The tantrums of the bank's official are to dispose the matter verbally and somehow subdue the complainant from lodging a protest by giving an impression that nothing shall happen.

You should use RTI route to know which are the authorized personnel,  to generate credit report (at your location) and on the strength of which documents (do not budge an inch on this) your credit report was generated and circulated.

You must apply your resources and obtain copy of the credit report generated by PNB, as based on unique number ban can not deny.

You can escalate the matter to Chairman of the bank and narrate the incidence date wise and by mentioning the names of the bank officials and their respective statements. You may point out that in stated of being apologetic in writing the bank staff Mr/Ms...........are adamant and recalcitrant and you feel that they are habitual offenders and shall continue with their illegal/unfair/unprofessional activities, and they have no respect for the rights of the citizens and fear of bank's disciplinary rules and law of the land. You may demand the action taken against them in wring and that you shall be constrained to approach the institutions of print an electronic media, police, courts of law, public and legal forums, NGO's, government regulators, ministries, RBI.BCSBI at the cost and consequences of the bank. You may mention that you shall collect the cost of legal opinion and all expenses from the bank. You may enclose a list of the expenses incurred so for including traveling to the various officials, phone calls, parking i.e. each and everything. You may stress upon the fact that your credit report can not be generated and passed on except in specified situations, as per RBI guidelines. The guidelines are available at the RBI website. Bank has lowered your image, credibility, and has trespassed your rights, before generating the report, at the time of generation and distribution of your credit report, and treatment given to you after your complaint. Let it be their funeral and let them handle it.


vicky (Executive )     23 December 2011

I have written to RBI, CVC, CBI, etc and waiting for action. I have had the long discussion with Chief Vigilance officers of banks,  But there is no result.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     23 December 2011

You should write to the chairman of the bank.

Rasik Dagli (Lawyer)     13 August 2012

Dear Sir,

 You shoud address a notice to Bank and ask them to disclose the name of the Executive responsible. Even otherwise an employer is responsible for illegal acts of its emplyee. Address a notice than file aconsumer Complaint for heavy damages.

For any help (free of charge) please contact me at -rvdadvocate@gmail.com

Rasik Dagli


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