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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     12 November 2010

MIL file DV Suit against DIL - music to ears

Title (as given by media): Woman files case against daughter-in-law

72-yr-old says daughter-in-law frequently beat her up, turned her out of her home; bahu says opposite is true

A 72-Year-old woman has filed a case against her daughter-in-law under the Domestic Violence Act.

Complainant Kanta Sudhakar Sharma claimed her daughter-in-law Ruby had beaten her up frequently and extorted money from her on several occasions.

Ruby had another story to tell, saying it was she who was the aggrieved party.

"My husband Ajay is living with another woman and is hand-in-glove with his mother. Both have plotted to force me to leave home," said Ruby. "For this man I left my family and changed my religion. But when they asked for dowry and harassed me, I did not bow to their demands. Now that he has found someone else, he and his mother are trying every trick to force me to vacate my flat."

Kanta refuted the allegations. She said she had filed a police complaint at the Hinjewadi police station in October 2009, but found the police took no action.

She then filed a case under the Domestic Violence Act 2005, under Sections 18, 19 and 23, seeking restoration of her legal right to live in the property which she jointly owns with her son.

"Ruby mortgaged my flat for Rs 10 lakh without consulting me. My son left home after he was subjected to continuous torture by my daughter-in-law," said Kanta. "He has sent her a notice for restitution of conjugal rights in May this year. Even after I was driven out of my home, my daughter-in-law continued to demand money to pay the electricity bill."

Kanta has also sought police protection and Rs 5,000 monthly maintenance from her son and daughter-in-law.

Legal position
Her lawyer, Advocate Dinkar Bhavsar said his client would continue to fight for justice.

"We filed a case on August 2 this year. My client has filed a case against her daughter-in-law and son after she was shown the door. We are talking about a complainant who is 72, is a blood pressure patient and has been frequently beaten up," said Bhavsar. "The respondent even took objection, saying that the respondent in a domestic violence case can not be a woman, but according to the law the respondent can be any person related to the husband. In this case the respondents are the son and his wife."

Ruby said it was difficult for her to go through the tormenting situation.

"Whatever she says is a lie. I got married to Ajay in 2005, changed my religion and became Hindu for them," said Ruby. "Ajay is living with the other woman and whatever my mother-in-law is doing is just to vacate the flat. Ajay even stooped to the level of calling me just to force me to listen to him making love to the other woman."


A independent innocent take of mine:
Prudent mind's title for this post: Greatest gift of Lawyers Collective (Ms Indira Jaisingh) to Nation which once upon a time had HARMONIOUS FAMILY - Title - "MIL file DV Suit against DIL - music to ears"


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hedevil hydraheaded (non professional )     12 November 2010

One never knows!

I have come across cases too exactly matching like Ruby where MIL snatched the son from DIL when the son became a shining sun on the sky of career! 

MIL suddenly became too caring for this son, who she had chucked out of her home when he got married to a woman of different religion and was struggling through his career. 

Now MIL is queen, DIL is struggling with her child. MIL too is supporting husband's girl friend--she in fact lives with husband in MIL's house while they do not let DIL enter even to see her husband. You never know! 

This news may be true , may not be true. What Ruby says also may be true. You never know. Wife may not be considered as husband's relative. Is wife's husband's relative??? I am not sure...she relates to, but is she relative of husband in the sense relative of wife's side and relative of husband's side? 

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 November 2010

is it just the victim's role to maintain family harmony,at the cost of tolerating injustice in the name of adjustments?

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Some people terrorise their family  do all unjust  do 498a cases and then clain ... they claim themselves as



ha  ha........  

My God ... where can I find common sense!!!!!

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 November 2010

Thanks kushan..


What's wrong in punishing people who are the root cause of family disharmony?


if mother inlaw bullies daughter inlaw repeatedly or vice versa,and sufferer files DV case agains the bully,why do we assume that the sufferer is creating disharmony by going to court?

Why dint we stop the bully in the first place who was spreading this poison of disharmony?

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 November 2010

lol to your uncommon sense..

again misunderstanding wot i wrote.......uffffffffffffffffffffffff

i am talking of a general situation where anyone can be a it a mother inlaw or daughter inlaw....did i say daughter inlaw???

some people pass their exams cheating and then say they have high degrees.

wots the use of education when even after earning so much in MNCs,one's hunger for money is not fulfilled and expects even more dowry...judges dont see degrees to guess if the respondent is innocent...they look at his actions...


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Madam.... Why you thought I am writing otherway... if you assumed I am writing for wife... it is your problem..


By the way .. where was your common sense  when your wrote.... 'Thanks  Kushan.....'' I don't  see any posting from Kushan in this thread..


Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 November 2010

if you assumed I am writing for wife... it is your problem..

then why did u say some people file cases like 498A and claim to be victim?do u mean to say that Mother inlaws can also file 498A cases legally?

By the way .. where was your common sense  when your wrote.... 'Thanks  Kushan.....'' I don't  see any posting from Kushan in this thread..


if you can read properly,kindly go thru my post prior to yours,timed at 21:10.i was thanked by i thanked him in return

i wont use any abusive language as it's not a part of my culture and family.But 1 thing i am sure,you have passed your degrees thru braille.

now do yourself a favour and attend some meditation camps with your family,so that your family tradition of dowry demanding and using abusive words can get's never too late!


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If you want to thank some member send PM


If you act like DUBMASS.. you will be called DUMBASS. If you act like metally retarded.. be ready to hear metally retarded.



Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 November 2010

ha ha no reply to my counter replies now....

so focussing on his own nickname which his dear mother and father call him..

keep braying u kid!


I knew you have poor comprehensive skills

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 November 2010

If you want to thank some member send PM u will tell me how i shud thank others!

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hedevil hydraheaded (non professional )     12 November 2010

I think you have dragged the reference to  blind people in a derogatory manner here,  Roshni.  Your comments can be without such references to Braille.  Respect a blind person, or someone would come on this forum, taking support of someone else and would certainly protest such abuses against them.

And yes, Avinash, did not you know some people feel excited about this thanx symbol. Not in this post, she would always say Thank you for your thumb up sign..I mean most of the time. Now she will say : see the number of thanks I have gotten and see the number of thanks you have gotten, and see my score card and see your score card!!

Kushan Bhai Jindabaad, jo Inki Jholi Mein Thanks dalte hee rahaten Hai. Theek Hai Bhai, Is baar to LCI KO gold medal dena padega Roshni B ko. Par unki ID TO suchhi hain naa....they will send the gold medal to your address Roshani B!!


None of the message in this thred has been thanked  till now ... 

Lie somewhere else.... If you have any shame left.... go and get yourself metally treated for chronic lieing.  While you are there , get in que for mental rehab and don't bother us until you have atleast you can clear fifth grade.

By the way metally reatrded nedd to be hand holded  and tied to sitting chair.. sometimes.. or   rather most of the times..

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 November 2010

both of you have no basis and genuine reasons for arguing in this thread.if a matured person sees this thread he wont be able to make out why the two of you just pouced upon me to fight.

so wot if kushan thanked me...yes i will acknowledge that as many times as i want.any problem? rather i can smell something burning here.

dear avinash's wife,please marry an adult this time after you win your case.

and dear devil jee,you say i have a fake profile.atleast my 1st name is there...what's your real name please?

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