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Hi friends,

i have a problem facing with my wife (20 years old)  and from father,

She has illness called lupus active, arthrities, and some mental issues (psycological treatment is on going),


married on feb 2011,no children,

and after 6months she was diagnoised with the disease, thereafter she started therating that she will commit sucid, and now her father also supporting her, 

she cant bear if someone speaks to me, even my mother also,

due to her argument my father loss his controll on bp and last his breath in sleep that night.

and there after her father started to take the small issues like,

If i say to work.

another important issue is she cant be preagnent while on treatment and it may last for another 2-3 years,

and she is not interested with any of protections to take care by me, so i try to keep her away on unsafe days

but she forces me to have intercourse, which may harm her health severly, if i say that to her father they say its my mistake.

Some time she kept her hand in electric water heater and her hand burnt, one day she kept her hand in boiling oil and taken immediatly to hospital, 

after losing my father my mother staying with me (i am only child in home) , now they dont want any one in my home including my mother (how can i), 

she sms me that she needs to die,while she or me away from home (my mistake is i not stored such sms).

i ruined my carrer for her by leaving my loving job,

 on all these mental issues i need a protection from her,and her family can any one suggest me the procedure to go on, if they know now this they may file harrasment case on me and my mother,

I need a serious help on this ground


Kindly ask me for further information to move on

Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152

You shd hv protected your job first. 

take her to psychiatic, get cert ify, then do needful 


self employed

  1. U hv not mentioned details of lupus active. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2724676/
  2. Artheritisis not at all harmful, does not hv any side effects. It does not give one mental disorder.There r ppl who lived happily for decades with artheritis.
  3. 60% of male/ female want regulat s*x atleast at below 40 years of age. If on eis not getting then one is bound to get mentally disturbed.Choice before you:
  • Get her counseling done by renowned doctor of her choice if medically she is supposed to not to have s*x. Even I do not trust your story, nither her father nor she herself.
  • go to qualified s*xologist who can educate you for having satisfactory s*x.
  • Go to good marriage counselor for improving trust  and with it relationship.
  • Get good spiritual books, magazines, good friends and relatives, good yoga or similar spiritual activities like Brhmakumari to calm her down and increase both of yours bearing capacity, good time pass, change etc..


If u neglect and she commits sucide in 7 yers of marriage then u had it. If u divorce and u hv to run to courts , pay for DV, 498A, maintenance etc then too u had it.

But if u live with her lovingly, take care of her, give her good time and s*x then she will take care of u and ur family whole life with loads of love.

Alok Tholiya

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@ alok toliya, i m not agree on ur view.



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