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Men cannot live without cooks

Men cannot live without cooks

Did you know the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dharam Veer Sharma who gave ayodhya verdict case have expert in law and also a cook. So, cooking is a hobby if you like it. Bollywood action hero Akshay Kumar, who worked as a chef in Bangkok at the start of his career, will host and judge Masterchef India, a culinary competition show that is slated to start on Star Plus television channel  on 16 oct.2010. He said he still cooks for his family when he is at home or they are out on a picnic. "My wife says I cook sushi the best and my mother finds my biriyani best," he added.

We may live without poetry, music and art; We may live without conscience and live without heart; We may live without friends; we may live without books; But civilized man cannot live without cooks.

Men and women marry; somehow the women have to be superwomen. They have to take care of the kids, cook the food, maybe even have a full-time job and also coach. Well, that's tough.

I think it will be successful because the Food Channel has people so interested in cooking, especially so many men and the children are so interested.

I know women like men who can cook. I enjoy cooking myself. It is the most satisfying hobby I have ever had. In fact it is more than a hobby, it is a survival kit as if suppose your wife file false(suppose) 498 a ,125,or Dv case ,you can cook for yourself and if you have a kid you also cook for them too. If you want to effect change it's not enough to educate people. Individual behavior is influenced by the environments in which you live. Men living in the labor camps are primarily single, poor; they live in housing without cooking facilities. Look for military men; they make their food in a very tough situation.

 One more good thing about cooking is that it is much more enjoyable (and economical) if you cook for two. Also, I have found that cooking for two makes the dish much tastier. There must be something with the amount of ingredients used. So, cooking is good but it is also great to be the guest for a private dinner. Men like that. Some boys and girls who live in hostel also make a food .I remember one boy who is living in London and during study; he can make his own food. So, friends Sikh lo khana banana.

Bipasha Basu,an actress get turned on with her man cooking for her - John has little chance!John lags behind - Bips says ''I love men, who can cook. I would like my man to cook for me''.

I think most guys provide for the house and leave the cooking to their wives, but men should cook, too. Like if it's the wife's birthday, you've gotta cook her dinner, you know?

So,  ladies and gentlemen’s what you think about cooking ?If you don’t know about cooking ,then watch  Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar will host a new cookery Show on Star Plus television channel on 16 oct.2010.




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Madhu Arora (Proprietor )     02 October 2010

Mr.Kushan,irony is, in India cooking is a field of women but in most of the top class restaurents  only male cooks are there.

Is not an example of male domination again ?

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     02 October 2010

I feel one should always learn the survival techniques. Be it a man or a woman. It is not only about cooking, everything else which helps one to survive at times of emergency has to be learnt. Like swimming, driving, knowing about basics in computers, English speaking, procedures of bank transactions, washing clothes etc. I am not talking about any gender in particular. I only mean to say, there should be basic knowledge about survival skills. 

I feel generally, man and woman are complimentary to each other. They cannot be equals. There may be few exceptions.

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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     02 October 2010

@ Madhu 

Yes Madhu you are right. And here comes gender! You see women do home based sewing, but on the streets and markets small and big tailoring shops are managed and owned by men. These are gender scenarios Madhu you have rightly pointed out. The home based sewing occupatiton brings much much less than the tailoring shops managed in the markets. We need to look into the gendered nature of institutions: family, markets, communities, states). Same way how come when more than 60 percent of women are engaged in agricultural activities in India, they own only 1 percent of land and when one talks about farmers one has images of male farmers which does impact on the outreach development activities in the sense that mostly women remain excluded. 

It is very much a question of gender. It is a question of equity which does not envisage equality as uniformity,

Why majority of women are deprived of gaining survival skills such as swimming, climbing up the trees, technical skills are. The main reasons are cultural and social and political. You will see its devastating impact when some disaster strikes. Take for example the indian Ocean Tsunami or floods and earthquakes. Three and in some areas 12 times more women died than men in Tamil Nadu state. The reason was women's attire. sense of shame to come out from waters in half torn sarees, lack of skills like swimming and climbing trees, the jewelery they were wearing and which got trapped in the thorny bushes and impeded their speed of running, long hair which again got trapped in the thorny bushes, reluctance to be saved by men other than their family members( they were afraid of taunts post survival in case they are rescued by men other than family members), s*xual exploitation of women by male rescuers, absence of a trained team of women rescuers. These are just a few of gendered reasons. A man when alone or with his male/female friends may cook but the same man in his home is less likely to cook if he is living with his wife, even while she is working. Here I am not talking about the exceptions : men who hare the household and childcare.

We need not be apologetic to talk about gender. Gender is not just women and men. It is an analytical  tool to analyse the power imbalances in terms of gender roles and relations, access to and control over( access is different from actual use and actual use is different from control over ) and decision making powers( which is a political act at different levels). 

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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     02 October 2010

Please ignore copy edits in my post above. 

The tamil Nadu case is in the context of Indian Ocean Tsunami. 

Men who do share household  and child care responsibilities. 


Yes,Madhu Arora

most of the top class restaurents  only male cooks are there.Why ?


It’s true that most hotels in the world have men running the kitchen than women. Is it because of their culinary expertise or simply because women hate to do the kitchen? This makes me wonder whether men are indeed better than women as chefs.

Well I can say women and men are equal. There are also women chefs that are cook really good of taste. Have you watch lifestyle channel. ? Chefs there are women. They do well organized and very good in inventing new dishes. Well men are also good chefs.

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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     02 October 2010


Can I take liberty to say that Madhu's question embodies her answer in my opinion. 

No surprise. Almost all top positions are with men, only a very small percentage of top jobs remain with women. It's the patriarchal nature of society, even choice of the subjects, higher education, the recruitment criteria and expectations remain gendered in nature. That's why women cook at home, and men occupy top position in high earning occupations( not that I am questioning the ability of the male chefs). Leave along chefs, look around and see who owns and manages street and shops in the market,   small and big restaurants and eateries? Who are cooks in these establishments? Take for example, even tea and snack stalls?

The problem is that in daily usages the term gender  is depoliticised, the problem also is that mostly one takes uniformity and equality and equity and equality meaning the same.

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DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     02 October 2010

It is not male domination but necessity , woman as a rule are better cooks. Some may not have inclination for cooking is separate thing.



NMP (nmp)     02 October 2010

Nobody stopped a woman working in a Hotels or road-side dhabbas.  What might be the reason.  Is it that woman are really lethargic by nature or that they themselves prefer to enjoy at the cost of men,  as is evident from the number of false 498a cases being filed against men.

Why do most city woman force their husbands to eat outside the house in hotels or restaurants, as a routine.  Is it because they themselves are incompetent to do proper cooking,  as is evident from the number of house-full restaurants (in cities) in the late evenings.

Most city men prefer food cooked from restaurants / hotels / pizza outlets, etc....   Could it be that woman cooked food with half-interested mind.



men eat outside since they get a good excuse to date someone....


while their wives wait for them...they may not like wife's cooking also..


and once in a while,no harm in eating out(with family)


it strengthens the bonds..

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Democratic Indian (n/a)     02 October 2010

Originally posted by :Suchitra. S
I feel one should always learn the survival techniques. Be it a man or a woman. It is not only about cooking, everything else which helps one to survive at times of emergency has to be learnt. Like swimming, driving, knowing about basics in computers, English speaking, procedures of bank transactions, washing clothes etc.

Ladies & Gentlemen!!!

You have missed one of the most important of the survival techniques for real emergency, the fundamental right, the first law of nature i.e. self defense:


girl ji bekaar ki baat, aap apne lover ko date karne ko tak tayyar nahi ho. aap agr tayyar tab maane ki they date girls outside for meals.


wot a strange logic! ur statement talks no sense!!


donr preach osho philosophies as i dont bliv in them..i think u do....and so u must surely be ruining the marriage of an older man (maybe as old as ur grandfather)


keep having fun!

i dont hv a standard like u.....




Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     03 October 2010

Chefs and cooks at hotels are or used to be professionals and it lacks love affection and wishes of a wife.  There is lot of difference between homemade foods and of hotels. Also household cooking is dominated by them (females) and from them only males have learnt the art of cooking. There are so many eateries are there which are run by females. Domination of any filed by any group or section has become thing of past. Slowly females are picking up and excelling in every field and sooner or later they will dominate here also, just wait and watch!! One of the glaring examples is “Lijjat Papad” of “Sri Mahila Griha Udyog”.

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