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Marriage under pressure of parents 3 weeks back

I am hindu women 30 years. i was forced by my parents to marry a divorced guy due to my age. before marriage itself i expressed my dislike to this guy but he did not cared. after all my trials to stop  marriage failed ended up marrying this guy. after marriage this guy talks to me only outside bed room and shows everything is normal before their elders and mine. but inside bedroom he simply sleeps snoring without any thought of discussion or any kind of feeling. i strongly feel he is impotent . 3 weeks now, with my family members and their parents also he behaves like everything is picture perfect between us.all these days he understood that i cannot go beyond to my parents siting their dignity and respect in society. to them he is very good person. yesterday i asked him about what is his plan by doing this drama. he replied saying he wants a wife for doing his works as maid and for society sake and you can live your life as you wish after some days when no one observes you can spend time with your ex-bf's . i shocked and said let put this before elders and i cant take this anymore. he threatened me if i say this to anyone he will write suicide note on me and do action before my parents. 

i cant act like this for life term for parents dignity in society. please advise me how can i end this meaning less marriage. i want to live my life atleast alone as i can earn for myself.

please let me know what will happen if i disappear writing a mail to family members with reasons for leaving home and never look back. 

What can he do to my parents if i cleary say that he is impotent and threatened me.  


gud question abt wht happened after the steps of ur wish hs been taken.
impact/retaliation depend on the nature of person and invloved one knw better abt the nature of own opponent.


Advocate IPR Associate

As per fact of the case. You are not having puroseful marriage life. So in such case i advice you to find out grounds of divorce which his first wife took. If the reason was same impotency and cruelty. Than i think you need to be open with your parents because it is a valid ground. No one in society will show disrespect on your call and will get full support to move to purposeful marriage. But for divorce you need to have reasonable grounds and law will support you.

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The replies given by the non legal member MR Banta is objectionable towards a woman querist.Though posted by the querist we have no business to discuss about the personal life of a querist and that too a woman.Such replies should be stopped.

Well, Bhanuji,

The mistake U commited was marrying an aged person at the behest of UR parents,when U had reservations about him U should have bluntly refused.

Just 3 weeks of marriage and the thought of getting separated is really a bad thing in the life of a woman. After going through the entire query I come to a conclusion that he is just trying to prove himself correct in all aspects regarding UR marital life.Pathetic situation.I feel proper mediation and counselling could bring a change in him.Nothing wrong in consulting  a psychiatrist .If that too fails then after consulting UR elders U may opt for legal separation for non consumation of marriage. 




Sainath ji, Thanks for your response. please let me know what if i choose to live saparate dropping a mail to him and my family members. Does he have any legal support to file case againt me or on my parents. even after my mail if they file missing case. are there chances to get caught after changing all my contact details and start new life. i'm not prepared my mind to that legal formalities now. Bhanu

In your first post you gave a version which slightly contradicts in your second version. If he is impotent, and you are sure about this particular fact, then the legal remedy available to you is to file annulment case against him and move away from his place of residence and live separately. In this case, you will not get any maintenance (in exceptional cases, some people during annulment cases got interim maintenance). It is different to divorce. You cannot plead that this marriage is a forced one. Because, at the end of the day, even though you did not like, you married him. In law, forced marriage rquires some thing more than what you described. Hence, my suggestion is move annulment petition by engaging a good and expert advocate and get relief.




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