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keshav shah   27 February 2017


I love a girl and she too loves me. We want to get married but both side family not ready for this marriage. So we want a suggestion on Court Marriage without consent of her parents. We feel that her parents, being Lawyers, can cause some problems for us in the post-marriage period. What all consequences can be faced after the marriage from her parents' side? Will it create any case of kidnapping or Co-ercion or will there be no such issues and we will get a smooth grant from them after the marriage? And even if they create a problem what measures can be taken from our side.


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This is suicide mission.  I really dont think the girl will stand with you.  Given that her parents are lawyers, even God cant save you from destruction.  

Marriage is to be done with consent of not just girl and boy, but both families.  Marriage is done for sake of society.  If you want to enjoy, just take hotel room and use condom.  Marriages such as these will end up not just in divorce but in suicides or murders.


Only if her parents agree and your parents agree go ahead with this.  Getting married is easy, ppolice can get you married legally.  But if her parents file some casea, you will be doomed for life.  I advise you against such marriage.

keshav shah   28 February 2017

But girl is on my side his has to maary  to me then any problem???

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     28 February 2017

Members are neither having any problems on your choice nor can anticipate a future event to guide you.  If both of you can withstand all those anticipated pressures and threats, then you may decide to go ahead.

In marriage, the couple wants peace of mind, comfort without any fear and to enjoy life and no one wants threats to life, and spoiling of relationship.

keshav shah   28 February 2017

Yes we are both are ready for marriage.

whats problem create by her family after maariage.

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     28 February 2017

Members can not anticipate the back ground and future course of action by parents as it depends on influence and attitude and it is both of you that closely knows about connections to anticipate likely difficulties/problems. .   Then be prepared to face any consequences.

keshav shah   28 February 2017

only girl mom have problem form this marriage.

whats document carry and important for court marriage???

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     28 February 2017

If you mean a Registered marriage, you have to file application before the Registrar of Marriages, enclosing bonafide proof of age, address and AADHAR copies.  That notice will be displayed in their notice board for objections if any.  All majors can take their decision and no interference of any law is required .  After a month after display, both have to produce independent witnesses on both sides, exchange garlands and get due marriage certificate from Registrar.  Once you meet the Registrar, there are several touts who are specialised in guiding you and in obtaining certificate at the earliest.

After this if you apprehend any danger you can seek police protection by giving name of suspects and your age proof with marriage certificate.

Many such couples go out of the station for one or two months and keep their location confidential till there are compromises and re thinking on those thing that has already happened.

keshav shah   28 February 2017

Can we use living certificate as a proof of age or what????

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     28 February 2017

Proof of age refers to 1)Birth certificate or 2.Educational certificate.   Address proof refers to AADHAR/VOTER Card/Nationalised bank passbook/LIC policies.

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keshav shah   28 February 2017

After court marriage what role police station did in Our Fevar??

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     28 February 2017

Members can not fore view what Police can do, they have to provide protection, and the first thing they may do is counselling, by inviting both parents, and then ask them to observe restraints and not to cause any trouble to the couple as they are majors and legally married, and they may have to file case, if any one wish to take law into his hands and make any threats to the newly married couple.

keshav shah   28 February 2017

After court marriage what should first we can to?


Mr GLN is guiding you towards police lockup devil

All the best, take odomos ointment with you. laugh

keshav shah   28 February 2017

thanksss for u r suggetions.


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