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mact go for appeal in high court


Sir I have query belongs to my father’s accident mact case, 

My father have accident in 2003 and so much injured left leg, and he was died as heart attack in 2005, In 2016 our case On board at District court and court not giving us any compensation only 25000 in 2005 u/S 140, My father was GM in Bank and his annual income in 2002-03   4,90,000/- And in accident year income was 4,29,000/- court order no any income loss or future The applicants have not produced any evidence showing that due to injuries and disability, income of injured applicant was reduced or he was degraded from his post resulting in any economic loss. no amount can be paid under the head of loss of income due to disability applicant not prove any loss of income and disability court not admitted and exhibited in this case at mark 14/1.

The pvt ltd. Bank where my father was General Manager bank give Amount of medical expenses and Bills in my father’s present in 2004, After some time of first surgery in 2005 my father have problem and septic in leg and another surgery have been done, This second surgery Bills we have not it was lost, so we not give this information about this surgery and hospital take over by another hospital chains and They not giving us duplicate bill they tell we have not record, 

But Now I found 1 copy of Discharge summary of second surgery’s, ( this hospital take overs ) all information about surgery, medicine, report, doctor name and etc, ( Both surgery surgeon same but hospital changed) I have mistake in cross examination that i statement in court that my father was go to bank but he was not go for work in bank single day after accident,Bank also given written letter for mact case supporting document that my father was continuously 6 month on leave due to critical accident and Doctor give Present partial permanent disability and shorting leg and advise to bed rest for more months, In 2004 my father was terminated from bank this information also we not give to court, in this year bank give salary sum of rs as upper 2003-04 4,29,000/-, and terminate dt on 14-07-2004 (Bank give reason for not coming to work without give any inform and asking or report but they all know and also my father inform and dr certificate for bed rest also given that my father not able to go to work and walk and some other false aligation charges on my father which Denise by high court and also wrote that as per your verble communication all your leaves calculated have been paid which you aligable and now not any leave you have) My father has 35%  Present Partial Permanent disability and shorting leg doctor wrote and medical superintendent attested,

Now I want to go high court for getting compansation.

I have 2 questions

First is by mistake in court I said my father go for work but actually not a single day he was go to bank after accident tottaly in bed rest and in hospital, so we demand or liable to getting from insurance company all types of leaves and salary which as per said by bank have been paid ? 

Second is I find copy of discharge summary of my father's second surgery court can accept or assess that summary which we not inform to district court and also not getting compansation from bank?so on this Discharge summary court give compansation amount to us? Because in this written all details about surgery and after what to do, Discharge in 12-04-2005. And disability certificate writen on 23-04-2004.

Please give me reply and also tell me if any doubt or information you have to need.




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