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Live in with another lady without getting divorced

Page no : 2

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     11 October 2015

Living seperately is one of the grounds for Divorce by mutual consent; and 7 years is a long period of seperation and divorce is the best option for both of you.

A walk alone (-)     12 October 2015

Why are you dragging dead relationship? Try to move forward in your life. In dv case no neighbour will come .No one know what is happening in four walls. If u have any sms or letter in which you have inform to your parents regarding your beating it can be evidence and if you go to any doctor after this it can be witness

srk (Service)     14 October 2015

@Mr Gupta, you are only looking at one side of the coin, you cant judge all men by this case alone, i dont think you support gender neutrality, Why do the fathers have to marry their daughters to men who demand dowry in the first place? also if an parents are giving a dowry either they look at the property of the groom or something else more valuable, in how many cases were the Father of bride is punished for giving Dowry? we need gender neutral laws.

people like you who support stringent laws, first of we have a screwed up judicial system, case takes decades get the final judgement and by that time you are not serving justice its all harrasment even in the court, in all other countries that you have mentioned lets take in US, wife wouldnt get share in the ancesteral property only she can claim alimony based on the length of the marriage and can get a share in the property which they have bought when they are together. Marriage has become a business in India, especially for cops and lawyers.

@Queriet, sorry to be blunt but how come you have realised that your husband is demanding dowry and harrassing you only after being away from him after 4 years. i dont know how genuine is the case.

if you really want to be happy with your son, move on with your life, go for a settlement, you have already lost 7 years of you precious life which you could have invested in something meaningful and purposeful. if you still want to take revenge you can persue the case, lot of people will suggest to pursue the case or drop, no one knows your situation, ultimately you are the best judge. do you still want to go around the courts and lawyers?

All the best.




50% of males  in USA get mad during divorce proceddings.In India, 50% females get mad. This is the difference between two societies. We should feel ashamed of our selves. The laws are always made by logic ,human conscience or state of behaviour in society. The very foundation of legislation is that. No once can make any law beacuse Prime Minister or chief minister likes some thing. It is impossible unless it is  autocracy.

So please stop giving sermons. I am not impressd by your innocence and your brave attmept to make a case out  for males or females.120 crores people collectively cannot make bad laws. Okay?

I keep visiting the Indian courts specially those dealing with womens cases and I see pathetic condiiton of women and atttude of lawyers and court staff attending to them.

3 days back only, I visited Saket court delhi and I met a young girl whose kidney has failed due to over dose of sleeping pills fed to her by her in laws. While she was in forced sleep, her eleder sister married in same house was killed in night

The truth is that a large number of Indians are a bunch of greedy and haramkhor lot and that we can see every where in politicis or business or legal practice or indian homes. WEcan kill muslim or a hindu to get votes by communialising atmosphere. Marriage is sued as source of making quick money. Peoplebehave as if they are obliging a female and her parenst by marrying. Even bl**dy two dime good for nothing fellows ask for a 1 lac rupee motorcycle in dowry.This is happening right now while I am writing

Not only laws have to be more severe, i agree law has to operate effectively and fast. yes.

No case inclduing appeal should last more than 3 years.

The best way is to financially destroy the crminals. That is what is happening in USA or other good countries. In India there is no concept of tortsin crminal law excepting for a few new laws. Indian Penal code is a funny and useless code. And the courts and lawyers are making mockrry of it. The penalty for rape is rs 10,000/Imagine. The shamless judiciary, our lawyers and our law makers are looking otherway. Why the government does not keep rs 10 lac penalty for rape?And on the spot Rs 50 lacs fine for rape to be given to victim? Then  let us see how many people will rape?

Indian judicial system is in adequate I agree to help victims . It is accused oriented.The courts desperately try to acquit a criminal . If they fail to do so then only they convict. Then chain of appeals start.

.Indian justice is Lollipop justice. It dangles in front of citizen but never comes in hand.  All sorts of corrupt people lawyers, court clerks, typists, judges are making money in name of serving common man.You and me only can bring revolution. Do we take interest? When you are caught you only cry. Others laught at you.

I met a lawyer in Rohini courts Delhi who proudly told me that he did not let even interim maintenace award passed for the lady even after 3 years that too under DV Act ,  I felt like slapping him. Is duty of alweyesr is to delay cases? is duty of lawyer to protect a guilty or protect and defend an inncocent? The moment ;lawyers understand this difference, things will dramatically change in legal system.

We have propsoed a system inw hich every litgant should be allotted lawyers through district court client relations offcie. The fees should be fixed by Court administrator in consultation with Government.While  renewing licence  every 5 eyars perfromnace and complaint of lawyers should be seen.The lowest 20% shouldbe reomved from bar.

Many lawyers think that they are accountable to none and bar council licence gives them open general licence to do whatever they like.Lie, cheat, exploit ,abstain from dates and go on strike.

So, as expressed by you, we have to tone up judicial system and amend bar council act and advocate acts and birng them under regulation of an independent  authority with outside experts as members.There hould be severe punishment for professionla miscindcut and negligence.

Supreme court had to make obervations recently against bad conduct of some lawyers like charging huge fees and moving out of case.Refusing to return money.This is nothing bt plain crime and act of goondaism.

There are several refroms pending. But Government gives in. Justice Malimath reprot is still not implemented. Changes in advocates act and bar council act ios pending. Professionla ervcies act is pending.

Government back tracks the moment lawyers go on strike. Same way model delhi rent control act is not enforced aas traders go on strike.

But one thing is sure.Women are even today and even in urban rich and educated homes are exploited , assaulted, killed, raped and insulted . Every 3rd male is s*xually perverted guy who is looking for extra affairs or s*x.

Just search your soul and have a close look at your friends. Let us begin cleaning at our own home.And society will clean up.Then law wont be needed.



I walk alone (Asst Manager)     14 October 2015

Dr. Gupta

once again you have succesfully started another war in other's query. Instead of giving the relief to the Queriet, you have statred giving Indian Stats which is of no use to the Queriet and doesnot solve a single purpose of what she wants and thinks about her case.

Restrict your views on this query pertaining to this query only, not the facts & figures. We have newspapers & news channels for the same purpose.

You want to express your feelings and want to have a debate, put it across to seperate thread.  I request whomsoever reading this post whomsoever, kindly do not spare your time to think upon Dr. Gupta's generalised comments which may not be relevent to the actual query and stick to the actual query and try to give either some sort of solution or try to give mental peace. I hope that solves the purpose to for this queriest & other future quriest to come and post their problems in this website.

(Final Post)


Who are these guys I walk alone and SRK?are they querists? Have they replied to the querist Reddy on specific clarification sought by her. They can talk any non sense here but they dont expect other participants to touch upon causes of the problems that querist is facing As regards legal advise I think so many participant have so elaborately given the advise again and again but these miscellaneous participants are enjoying the free discussion board though they are not querists. It is time to close this thread. Querist is advised to go to expert query feature of LCI for specific legal suggestions from expert advocates

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