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ls ramu (Professional)     27 March 2010

Legal Opinion Sought for

1 Name .                                           K Raman

2. Place of Occurrence:                        Nehru Nagar Chennai 67
3. Date and Time of occurrence       10.03.10 at 8.30 Pm
4. Nature of offence –                           Harassment   & Gold Chain Snatching…)
5. Descripttion of Stolen property      2 Sovereign of Gold Neck Chain

5. Details of Suspected/unknown     Abating Man - The Shop Owner & His

     Accused with full particulars:       Koolee Gundas & Rowdies 20 Nos

6. Contents of the complaint in Brief

We the X, Y,Z, are friends and we went to Govt  wine shop after finishing our official work then we went to Home.  After little while, say about 7.30 pm, in night,  we met at the  bar and had beer one round.  During the time one my friend (y) received a call from home, while returning to home to buy 20 Kgs Rice Bags.  Then we had finished our one round beer and then we went to near by Margin Free—Provision Shop an enquired rate and rice availability.  The shop employee told the rate and informed us to see quality in corner of last row.  One of my friend who went inside,  as per their advice and check the quality and return back to the main  entrance.  Mean while we had give our debit card and the shop staff, who scratched the debit card for Rs 795/= without giving delivery to us.  In this time,   we discussed with shop owner about quality and rate discount as general purchase terms. Due to anger with us by the shop owner and his prime agent, without any reasons on our side,  and suddenly some his shop staff were pushed us out of the shop with hectic nail bruise   and fight with us with bad words in high tone.


We had returned from the shop and went near by hotel and likely to take night tifin.  In the mean while few of 20 Rowdies / Gundas were gathered inside the hotel and they attacked us in fraction of seconds very brutally and our shirts and  Reading Classes  and chapels were thrown out in the road side. During the time,  shop owner who snatched our 3 severing Gold Neck Chain, and made a complainant against us, and we were taken into nearby police station, without any fault on our side.    We were taken to near by Govt Hospitlial by the police as per their routine, and the Duty Doctor simply called at what time you had drunk, and we replied at about 7.30 and we had forcibly asked to sign in the police format..  such as Memo  bails  etc  etc


  Latter we came out from the  police station at about 1.30 pm and paid Bail amount of Rs 1 300 each head totaling 3900 plus Rs 200 fee to writer  with poor man;s cry  we had humiliated by the police  Women and Duty Inspector. Though we told that we never held in any nasty or unwanted or criminal action.  We hails from good family and highly educated.   Our voice never entered in to the police ears


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Chirag Bhatt (Lawyer Gujarat High Court)     27 March 2010

In your case, if police is not ready to take  your complaint, you can approch to Court directly and file yr complaint with the help of local advocate.

girishankar (manager)     28 March 2010

Dear Ramu,

Write a Complaint to CM cell

Parvesh (AIA)     29 March 2010

What is the CM Cell?

girishankar (manager)     29 March 2010


ls ramu (Professional)     30 March 2010

Thank U Sir,

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