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Leaving a PSB without notice

Dear sir, I'm currently working as an official in a Public sector bank. An action has been initiated against me as one of the loans that I had sanctioned had gone bad. I have nothing to do with it and my superiors know it too. Department has given an initial report whether to file it under disciplinary proceedings or not. They may categorise my case under disciplinary proceedings. Now, due to my family issues I want to resign for my job immediately but the Bank is not accepting it. Can I leave the Bank without notice and move abroad to live with my family? If so, what would be the legal consequences that I may have to face in that country?

U issue a legal noticethru advocate to bank head office to accept the resignation with in prescribed time as u mentioned in in legal notice .if they refuse u file suit in competent court of jurisdiction. & Prove the cause of resignation in court properly .the court will order to accept resignation .it mAy take one year


Before you leave gather irrefutable evidences to establish you have not commited any misconduct to come out clean in enquiry..

Take help of elders, seasoned employee’s/trade union leaders, LOCAL counsel that can appraise you in detail in person.

rest if possible press thru unions to accpet resignation and conclude enquiry.




You may take help for any matter from, elders of your family, competent and experienced well wishers, seasoned PIP’s, helpgroups, community leaders, NGO’s, experienced colleagues, associations, religious scholars/leaders, influential persons, Employee’s/Trade union leaders, help groups for spouses (Husband/wife)  etc and  find a very able LOCAL counsel specializing in concerned filed of law e.g; Labor/Service  matters as in your case, and well versed with LOCAL applicable rules, precedence, latest judgments etc …. and worth his/her salt, can advise you after examining all case related docs, inputs,  evidences on record.

Obtain proper legal opinion in writing!

Avoid acting on your own on hearsay.

One should not fall for IT’s and entities loitering at online portals to allure unsuspecting querists. There are many threads on such instances at LCI also.

Online discussions are not substitute to in person discussions with a very able counsel of unshakable repute and integrity specializing in concerned field of law.

There are such very able counsels at each location.

Check for such counsels at LOCAL; Labor Court/CGIT, CAT/School-Educational Tribunal/Civil Courts, HC, SC,..

You can also try for FREE legal Aid from Legal aid center (DLSA) that is usually within LOCAL courts complex..preferably from a very able counsel specializing in Labor/service matters.

Your counsels can advise after examining all docs/record/inputs pertaining to your matter and help you. You can also search threads on similar query in SEARCH option ON left Hand side of threads in Forum/Experts section and also in Files/Articles. Having learnt a lesson, remember to consult beforehand for your matters or any matter about which you are not properly informed.


The FEE of all LOCAL counsels at all LOCATIONS is not high/unreasonable as mis-believed by many.

Many counsels even at State Capital/Metro towns  do not demand unreasonable high FEE.

IT is rather at online portals that unsuspecting querists are mislead as per many publications, by IT’s and Entities that pose as some Lawyer (actually LIAR) and flaunt/advertise firms that are not Law Firms (Actually LIAR’s Firms) to believe that LOCAL counsels are not knowledgeable..are incompetent.

In Reality the LOCAL counsels win cases in LOCAL courts at all LOCATIONS.

You can go thru/search the cases contested by any Lawyer at court website.


If you have not committed any misconduct (as posted in your query) then there is NO reason/justification for tendering apology….or running away from situation!

If you have esgtablishment may agree to accept the recovery of loss from yo but may …..may not issue relieving documents.This is to be checked and assesed by you at your level at your location.Unions leaders can help and guide.

If misconduct is proven the establishment may award penalty as per set rules.

Thereafter as per penalty you may…may not get opportunity in Banks/FI….and moreso IT is call of next recruiter.


Banks are custodians of public money and lend money to earn.

If loan has gone bad (as posted in your query) then IT is because borrower is not paying the debt……Or the loan was sanctioned without due diligence or there was some connivance or vested interest involved..

While processing loan application if you have completed your part of obligations then onus may not get transferred on you.

If your seniors are aware that you have not committed any misconduct, transgression then you may come out clean in enquiry.


You may avail the opportunity of getting ‘Defense Assistant’ as per applicable procedure/rules.

Download the applicable proecudre/rules that should be available thru employee log in and/or thru unions.

Approach LOCAL counsels as already suggested ASAP and prepare to defend you and come out clean. Take help and support of your elders and family members as  your family also shall be affected by your decision.

LCI experts Mr. Rajendra K Goyal, Mr. Mallipedi Jaggarao…….are from banking background.

If you wish you may get in touch with them.

Don’t conceal anything from your counsels.

Thereafter you shall be clear and being properly informed you can decide what needs to be done at your end.




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