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Manish Singh (Advocate)     30 October 2008


i would like to say that yeah we know the recruitments in govt jobs should be made preferential to the localites but there are other ways to implement the same. why they(leaders) didnt take any strong action and forced the Central Railway Zone to have some reservation or to change the language of the Paper. it could have been done if govt r leaders had taken any strong stand against the policies of rauilway. these politicians dont care for anybody. they love themselves only.they had to make out an issue converting it into a political agenda, so they did waht a general man of prudence would never have thought either.


the same thing has been happened around 25 yrs back with the peaople of south and the party who did it was none other than shivsena. they raised a slogan" lungi uthao, pungi bajao" ans "anna bhagao". how cheap and sarcastic language they use can be seen from their slogans and speeches. I feel ashamed when we call themm as our leaders.. are they one who leads us . in prcaticality yes, but not to all of us. people who know the reality never pay any heed to such kind of leaders. they fool around us and we always get entrapped instead of knpwing each and everything since we become selfish at times. we all know what shivesena has done for MH otherwise they would have been in power since then. the same trick Raj is playing but this time the target has shifted since Anna community has become a stronghold name in MH. they opt for soft targets like vendore etc who has no place to go where thier greivances get redressed. but why we pay any attention to such cheap politics. we have our own understanding and we should think on our own. why raj never raised a voice to compell the govt to formulate a plan for eradication of slums out of mumbai? is ti so tough..in comparison to beating innocent persons to death. he is not at all bothered about anyone except himself. what he has done for MH so far..? nothing and just nothing. he was in shivsena initially and even I dont remember if he has done a single thing for betterment f our society instead of spreading hatred amongnst us.



why we make such ................. as a hero. he is a traitor according to the objects of the Constitution. this is not only about Raj only but almost all the leaders are same. we have to take way out of it..? what ........... lalu is doing? taking out the utmost benefit of the situation for his filthy politics. he could have pressurised the MH govt to stop all thse activities. but why he wuld do this. if it gets end up so early how they will make it as their tool to woo public and be their hero. they are all same... i dont have words to describe them.. but we are not like that. we know waht is goos and bad. so why we stared behaving like the same. a person got killed on a local train. who is goin to take responsibilities of his family who may die due to starvation. this is just a begining of an era where we Indians start kiling each other on differenciation based on state, language. this is wht we wish for our next generation to go with. never.... so why not to stop at this end when not much harm is done and why not we tak an initiative. when the same happened with Shilpa shetty in UK we all stood against the same and forced the Govt to take action. but why not this time because we think biharis and ups are low level people. yes we do think so... but who is at fault for these illiteracy, swainish attitude. its not their fault for sure. they had no idea where(at what place) they are going to take birth on the Earth. when they realised they found out that they have no options for studies and all that. so where would they go..? why Indian Govt has been sleeping over the development issues of North India and North East India. Beacuse no politician wants these areas to be developed for their own sake. but who are the sufferers eventually. we the people. please dont make the word Indian so shameful that we scare from being called Indian. we will havr to take some strong ation against it and people of Mh need to take some hard intiative on this front.

Apurva Kumar (Practicing Lawyer)     30 October 2008

 only one thing i wld like 2 say that voilance in the name of region canot b tolreated at ny cost if so  with due respect plzzzzzzz amend the consti!!!!!!!    talent cannot be encircled 2 a specific limit evry person has rit 2 go nd work nyvre how can u stop them? 

 if they rally want to convey ny msg then they might hv choosen the path of non violence but they are cowred yes mr Raj is, if he hv the guts then plzzzzzzzz do/support all these thing outside the territory of Maharastra. Al d bst mr. Raj!!!!!!

Shyla (Student)     30 October 2008

Hi Manish sir!!!!!!!!!!!

Well said n thats a very appreciable approach towards improvement of INDIA!!!!!

Keep it up!



Sanjeev Dudhat (Lawyer)     31 October 2008

Hi Rekha and all ‘In support of Govt and Maharashtra and Raj Thakray’

A thought for the day!

The questions raised  by Rekha are of consequence. They are Apt.

However Raj is no better then Mulayam and Laloo.

None of them are constructive politicians.

Raj has better and greater potential to become a constructive politician. Other cannot be remoulded due to age.

It is indeed a fact that nobody wants to discuss the Railway Recruitment scam, not even this forum uttered a single word of it.

I appreciate the instigative skills of Raj (it works!)

Raj Thakrey   has the potential to become a national leader and Hero rather then being charged with committing treason and waging war against the state, if he takes the issue of illegal bangladeshee migrants which is  a  malignant growth, wild spreading cancer and devastating time-bomb clicking around the neck our nation. It is his cup of tea to handle the issue in his firebrand style.

 Hate, is a natural emotion which is there to be reckoned with. It is natural and could be exploited innovatively and constructively.

The issue of Bangladeshee migrants is legal and political. But all the politicians one and all are conspicuously silent. These silent politicians are the real traitors of the nation. Young Raj at least speaks, rightly or wrongly and leaves room for discussion and correction.

 Raj, is like RDX, which has its own value and sanctity if used properly; otherwise a spent force.

The Hate and ire shown against our own brothers is Not OK, Raj.

amit (Legal Counsel)     31 October 2008

Hi All,

Being a Mumbaikar, I appreciate your concern about Mumbai and Maharashtra…

I hope, you people will not take me otherwise… people who give their opinion are not directly connected with Mumbai… you ask us, what are the day to day problems we are facing in Mumbai..

After having First Class pass we are still not able to get into Local trains….

We don’t have any play Grounds, gardens etc….

We are the highest tax payer in the country, but still unable to enjoy our right to live….

We are suffering from water shortage and load shedding????

I am not saying these all are because of north Indians…..but the thing is that, these people are mostly less educated and don’t have jobs which again adds to the existing slums….

We are proud to say that Dharavi Slum is the biggest in Asia….are we???

These slums add to the criminal rate up…. Now all because of this, Mumbai is also not safe in the night.

Every state, place has a particular capacity to absorb things, and I guess now Mumbai is saturated…

I guess you all have seen the pics of 26th july… I walked all the way from churchgate to vikhroli… more than 30km…. tell me whose mistake is this…. We all blame our civic body for this but we forget the aspect of population…..

What Raj Saheb is doing is absolutely right, the way may be wrong… but people you tell me any other “Effective” way to save Mumbai ????

Its very simple to comment on Marathi manus but at least put yourself in our side and then comment…

 I don’t have much time to write, but hope you got my point…..

Expecting your harsh reply on this….

Manish Singh (Advocate)     31 October 2008


Sir, I do agree with you that if Raj thakre takes up some other important issues like bangaladeshi refugees and attacks on assam, we all Indians would definitely going to welcome him as our hero... for sure... we can imagine what would be the impact of his voice if that s been done in the right direction. we need leaders like him who has a strong move  to put forth the concerns but we always hope and  appreciate that this should go on in a right direction.. 


As far as Railway recruitment is concerned  i am  in complete support of you since i too believe that evry state has to have some  prefernces over any kind of jobs. but about scams, i am short of knowledge on this front, but off course if we have leaders like Lalu as our railways minister then Oh.. God come down and save our railway..  we have made a person the railway minister who has looted bihar and jharkhand for more than 25 yeras. but who is responsible for all these.. its us.. we all the people because we vote them to be there to rule  us. we need to excercise our voting rights with great caution. 


we know thatMumbai is over populated but we need to take corrective  measures  for same.but if the same approach is adopted by New York saying it has no place to other United states, then see what is going to happen. but americans are not fool and not selfish either for their brothers. the same saturation has taken over Delhi but since Delhi has a mixed upopulation, no body is raising the voice for the same. you think about you only not concerened about others, but ya thats always good to be selfish because afterall its you who has to lead ur own life.


nobody is concerned about the hills in Pune which have been chopped up by the nexus of building mafia with politicians. why we ignore such issues..the consequences of which have to be faced soon.

Please suggest something... to take a way out of it..

Shree. ( Advocate.)     01 November 2008

Dear Amit,


Answer this please?


I have got nothing against Maharashtra or Mumbai or Marathis but I'll share my thought with all of you here. I am really against the propaganda that MNS comes up with, every now and then. There is nothing wrong with being pro-marathis but why are they always anti non-Marathis. My simple question -

1. Why at all, non-Marathis (or anyone who doesn't know marathi) in Maharashtra should speak in Marathi? Is this some sort of a rule, an unwritten code of law, what the hell it is? Aren't we all Indians first before being a marathi or a punjabi or a bengali? Why can't our national language be spoken in a state which is a part of this nation?

2. Why is it that they come up with anti north Indian drive every now and then? Do we need a visa to come and stay in Mumbai? What percentage of bollywood stars are marathis? --- 5% THATS ALL!!! Then why do they forget that the BOLLYWOOD that they boast of, every now and then has such a huge percentage of non-marathis making it a success story?

3. Why is it that marathis require such banners like MNS to get employment? Don't they have the required skill or expertise to get the jobs purely on their mettle? I don't think so.....then why such useless rallies?

4. And lastly, the most IMPORTANT question -- do you marathi people expect to be treated the same way when you venture out of your holes?

I expect pro-marathis here to answer these questions honestly, if at all they have answers to these !!

MNS is sheer dictatorship spreading regionalism, hatred and nothing else.


amit (Legal Counsel)     01 November 2008





You are interpreting things wrongly....




tell me one thing in Nashik... Maharashtra... someone has written " U.P. to hamari hai...abh Mumbai ki bari Hai...."




what do you mean by this??? will you tolerate these kind of things in your state...




I will answer all your earlier questions...




1) don't teach your child to throw away the person who came first... but tell him to throw those who either licked the exam paper or who helped him during exams...




2) Parliament is a place not owned by Delhi... all states have contributed for it...




3) Prime minister and president represent India and not Delhi...




4) its not Bombay anymore its Mumbai....and i would appreciate if you call it by its name...and we don't have any issue to made hindi movies in Mumbai but you should also release Marathi movies in a state where 80% people speaks that language.




5) i am fully agree with this... this will defiantly help passenger because that staff can assist them in their own language..




6) i guess we are talking about India.. you first resolve our issue and then we will discuss it later on...




7) who told you that???? Dr. Baba saheb Ambedkar belongs to Maharashtra, can you deny our constitution......




8) we appreciate if you visit to Mumbai but don't visit here to get settled without any plan...




9) we don't need any help from Central... we Maharshtrian ( Living in Maharashtra) can help ourselves... we are the highest tax payer in the country...




10) don't try to compare Kashmir with Maharashtra... you should compare an apple with apple...




11) you can only eye MNC's and not the slums...




12) pointless argument...




13)  nothing to comment... you are on wrong Track..




14) and 15) and 16)  pointless....




And let me tell you one more thing.. we people never say just Jai Maharshtra..




we always say Jai Hind Jai Maharshtra....




its always easy to comment on such a situation but please at least once try to step down here and live our life for couple of days...




One more thing " don't take it otherwise, its just my observation which may be wrong"




In Mumbai's jails more than 75% criminals are either Muslims or from north...




and the reason behind which is poverty and illiteracy....




waiting for your reply....


Shree. ( Advocate.)     01 November 2008

Dear Amit,

      I have posted three threads in this topic and go through  it and make your replies.I am ready to answer here.But unfortunately  you replied to the thread posted by another member Mr.Manish Singh. Lets wait for Manish Sirs reply.  Meantime  you go through my posts and  try to answer my questions if you have real answers.

 Best of Luck my dear.

Manish Singh (Advocate)     01 November 2008

Dear  Amit,


Firstly dont use language of kind that could spread any further hatred. you are too young to take things rationally so be cool and calm and raise your points easily. we are not here to fight but to put forth our points or perspevtive to take a rational way out of the present situation.


i shall be obliged to answer your questions... but you dont seem mature enought to understand it but yet I shall try it out.


how you are damn sure that the said slogan is written by any North Indian. its a near possibility that its written by some some MNS worker or so, to raise their hatred campaign making this thing as a reason or apoint. can any person write such things when he knows that his life is already in danger or going to be in danger by doing such acts... think over it..


1.  look you blame north Indians for cheating and leaking paers out. but how and wwhy. we all Indians do the same thing and its not restricted to any region. you must be knowing the fact that the education has become a "dhanda" in whole of MH where agents/ brokers/politicians take bribes amounting to 5 to 20 lakh from a student to get him admitted into any school /college etc. an you justify the fact why MNS/NCP/Congress leadres are involved in such heinous crime where they are playing with future of their own people.


2. when you say Mumbai is yours since it is situtaed in MH then how could u deny the fact that Parliament is not a property of Delhi. Dont be contracdictory to your opinions.


3. now, you talk about India... can you u justify it how u term Mumbai as not a part of India. we are Indians and everu inch of India belongs to each and every Indian irrespective of cast creed and otherwise.


4. for your kind information, marathi movies are made in MH and get released also. the question here was how could u justify making of hindi movies in MH when Raj is hell bent to make every thing to convert into marathi. it was not put down there to raise any objection but to accept the fact that whatever is benefecial for Mumbai should remain there giving a complete contradictory situation to what Raj is against to.


5. so lets fight for the said cause and make the Govt compelled to implement the same.. why are we keeping mum on that..?


6. Yes we are talking about India... thats waht I am trying to make people understand that its India  and please dont divide it on irrational grounds.


7. its felt nice that at least you remember the name Baba Shahab Ambedkar but unfortunately never got to know what he tried to teach all of us throughout his life. please go through his biography. the same way you named constitution but unfortunately my friend you never went on to go through the same. if you had read it you wouldnt have argued on a siily point like this and the way you have put ur arguments shows ur incapacity of knowledge. so I shall like u to advice you to please  go through the Constitution first.


8. Mumbai is a part of India and its made Mumbai since we all Indians made it like so. its a commercial capital of India. so poor people have the right to go mumbai, delhi etc to earn their living but to make them organised is a liability of our Govt whether be it state govt or central.


the thing which is going on is against all pesons from North India who have been settled there from last 30 -50 years. how could you justify killings of them.


9. good answer but its not you who is the highest tax payer. its all of you that means all of the mumbaikars including gujaratis, rajasthanis, punjabis, people from south, east , north and north east etc. dont be stupid saying you can do on your own..


think  before addressing these stupid things at a public platform. 


10. what u mean with this kind of answer. kashmir is our part and we al indians would love to die to save it if the necessity arises. this kind of answer shows how mature you are. 


11. I agree that we need to do something about slums but again no leader has guts to take any concrete action against it since they fear of cutting down their vote banks. but except from Mumbai every other majaor city of MH is full of slums and ocal people resides i there.... we need to do something about this also before the situation gets out of hand like in Mumbai.


12.  why is it pointless since if a movie is released in MH , the james bond must speak marathi according to raj.


13, 14 & 15 . these are having a base but u dont have that state of  mind to understand all these things. if the same continues to hapen then other states will also retaliate and surprisingly  i came across one news yesterday that Jharkhnad is going to stop th supply of minerals etc to MH against the inaction of the govt. how could we justify that. i am again telling you dont be selfish and see the world with wide eyes open. similarly railway engines etc are made in other states so think if they refuge to supply the same to MH.


you talk about Mumbai and MH jails but u shall be astonished to know that I even have worked for needy and helpless people lying in jails in Maharshtra so please dont tell me about the situations in jail and I would again advice you to visit jails and try to help needy persons out.  I have spent my whole 5 years in MH including Mumbai during my interns and paralegal works so I understand better than you the situation in Mumbai.and also several of my friends hail from Mumbai.

 You talk about Mumbai's slums but what you have done so far for eradication of the same. got o those slums and spend some time there then you shall realize waht slum is all about. and Mumbai represents India no MH alone and in the world scene only India. so we are more concerned than you about our Mumbai.

the things I have written is not to create  or make diferences amongst us(the indians) but make  people like you to understand that we cant get separated.

prabodh kumar patel (advocate)     01 November 2008

Hi all FMs

I think this is the biggest thread in this forum and things are getting interesting also, so i would like other members also to make their opinion. 


Rekha..... ( Practicing lawyer(B.Com LL.M in Business law ))     02 November 2008


Hello! Respected members of the Forum


My Humble request is that give us some more knowledge and time to nurture ourselves in this debate. Please try to explain us extensively which points are V hv raised before u.


It is definitely unfortunate incidents that this two young brother of us brutally murdered and killed and V all r condemning the same. But I don’t know why I like in which way Maharashtrians r protesting. I like Indian culture bt I like Maharashtra Very much. Education from Maharashtra is different from other states and it gives us Prestige.


So Amit has rightly stated Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra Obliviously Sir!

SHEKHAR MISHRA (public servant)     02 November 2008

Well   done    Manish.I   endorse   your    views.

Shree. ( Advocate.)     02 November 2008


We are Indians first .The language-based division into states opened the Pandora's box.

Let us stand united,oppose the seeds of discord,appreciate the harmony in variety,the underlying thread camoflaging the surface diversity.

Jai Bharat,Jai Hind.

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     02 November 2008







I draw concentric circles. I place myself in the centre. In the next outer circle are my wife and children. Next is my family. Then relatives – then family members – then relatives – then people of my / caste/ religion and friends  – then villagers – then people from Taluka – then people from district – then people from State of Maharashtra – then people from India – then people from immediate neighbouring countries – then  the human race . In terms of sacrifice the inner circle will always be preferred to the outer. In terms of taking stringent action the inner circle will always be preferred to the outer.  AM I WRONG?




AM I WRONG IN THE HIERARCHY ? I am not unpatriotic. I am proud to be an Indian but equally proud of Maharashtra as the land has given me everything I need so that I do not have to go outside . I am known because of my achievements which were possible because of the place where I live in and the conducive atmosphere created by my State . I am known by my language.  I owe my existence, my family’s existence to the place where I live. AM I WRONG ? India does not know me. My family, my relatives, my friends, people of my religion/village/Taluka district and some scattered over the State know me.




I am proud of my State, its culture, its History, its role in the Freedom struggle, it festivals, its local gods/deities , its leaders, its bio diversity, its vast coastal line, its uneven huge mountains, its rivers , flora and fauna, its Institutions and its people [ not necessarily of Marathi origin] . Other things remaining abstract, it is the people who are the true assets. Their hard work, commitment to honesty, a progressive vision , a respect for law and order of the land has taken my State to where it is at present.  AM I WRONG ?  The love for the country is omnipresent at the backdrop of my mind but then I cannot turn a blind eye to the reality which is apparent . I would always strive for my country to be self sufficient and its people’s well being , but where do I start from? Is it not right that I start from the inner circle instead of directly jumping to the outer circle.




MNS is a regional party. No state in India is free from regional parties. All of them in any name or manner of disguise do promote their own State . Electorates are made in that way. A Sarpanch looks after the well being of the village, President of the Zilla Parishad looks after the District, the Chief Minister looks after the State and the Honourable Prime Minister looks after the Country. What is wrong in this? MNS is a regional party and looks after the region, or at least tries to do so. If any of the above elected representatives fail they are answerable to their respective constituency/district/state/ country. Representatives change. Today it is somebody tomorrow it will be Raj Thackaray.




Beating up people of other states cannot be justified at any cost. Why for that matter I go further and say that beating and its extreme that is killing cannot be justified [morally]. Not even of a person of another country. He is also a poor soldier joining the army to take care of his wife/children/parents. What we cannot give , we cannot take.




We have a very short memory. Lets go back a little. Before Independence India was a loose federation of kingdoms , each to his own . Each area had a different history, different festivals, different gods, different physical characteristics and mentalities. They fought amongst each other [over flimsy reasons or just for the heck of it]  and rarely came together to fight against foreign invasions. As mass commutation means were not available generally a common man was born , lived and died within probably a hundred kilometers radius from his place of birth. The art of printing was present but there were no newspapers. What was there to tie all these people together, of the region we call India ? Most of us are law graduates and in ‘ International law ‘ paper we have learned how nations were formed. Some nations are formed due to geographical position like Australia, America- some because of common heritage/language/customs – like Germany, France, British etc. Our Country was formed because of COMMON ENEMY i.e. the British. The territory over which the British ruled was bifurcated into India and Pakistan and they went away. As a nation we are young. 50 odd years is not  large period . The troubles faced by us now are teething troubles of a new nation. Please pause for a moment and think, what is common between a Tamilian, a Gujrathi, a Punjabi and a person of the North east ? Even the Gods are different , leave aside customs, food habits, values, , way of dressing and the festivals. . It would be right to say that we were not one but were bound by the notion of one , by  a tryst with fate.






We say we are one , but in what? In sharing the spoils, in picking up responsibilities?  A person when in his home state will vote for the regional party and if for some reason he goes and resides out of the State then he we will vote for the Congress. He will try to suppress regionalism [ by expressing sentiments about banning MNS] . Why this duality of standards?




Much is made about ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ . but when? When my coffers are filled and if I am comparatively well off and I can look after a guests needs , only then will I welcome my guest with open arms. If I myself is bothered about the basic needs of my family with an uncertain tomorrow, how do I make the guest welcome?  Dear friends the anger is not about the guest coming , but it is the anger which like a serpent raises its head when I see the starving faces of my own family members. I see my limited resources being whittled away by medical expenses of my aged parents, I see my aged daughter not getting married , I see my double graduate son whiling away his days in the hope that at least in the near future a day will come when he will be able to do his duty and put to use whatever knowledge he has learned till now wasting 25 prime years of his life. In the heart of hearts I know that it is not the North Indian who is totally at fault. But then in psychology there is a term used – ‘projection’ . When a person is helpless he will project all his inabilities on some external thing for purging himself. Now it is no longer about my goodness of looking after a guest, but my capabilities, my existence which is threatened. Contemplate, a guest comes to our house and he is going to stay indefinitely. What is the treatment given to such a guest by us in our daily life?




 Human beings are full of fallacies. History tells us so. From the great depression to the unemployment, and all matters which remotely made the German unhappy and angry, the Jews were blamed for it all . Hitler used it to his benefit. ‘ All money lenders are Jews, all shopkeepers, all industries and factory owners all rich persons are Jews. It is because of them you [Germans are poor]  - this was the strategy he used to gather mass support and then we see what we have. GENOCIDE. – A WORLD WAR.




One of my Learned friend pointed out that during times of natural calamities and other wise also there is exodus [ mass movement of people from one geographical place to another] . In such cases the clashes are bound to be there. I take the opportunity to place before you all the example of the Parsis who came to India. They have done more than perhaps any single community for India. But how was their behavior? They said we will mix in your community like sugar in milk. They never aspired to be rulers or to dictate to the local population.




In Maharashtra what do we see now? Do not we see non Maharashtrians occupying prime political posts? Which other State can boast about this? The Shivsena when it got a chance to send an MP to Delhi sent Ram Jethmalani, Sanjay Nirupam, Pritish Nandy .




Now what is the position? O.K. we are now in the same boat. We either survive or sink together. Common sense tells us that instead of fighting among ourselves , we fight the odds against us unitedly. [ the odds my friends are


-          Corruption in the executive.


-          lethargy


-          crowning the undeserving by reservation policy causing injustice to the deserving. [ thus removing the incentive to hard work]


-          Foreign countries who want to see a weak India.


-          Stopping our citizens from being beggars right from the cradle by giving them food etc. [ my personal view is that it is only the family /relatives and friends who should provide help to a needy person. Only beggars take help from unknown persons]. Government schemes are like a block of ice which melts as it goes down to the beneficiary.


-          Government should govern and not start Industries and corporations which are nothing but a source of drain on our economy and seats of corruption.


-          Comparatively closed economy – the national well being , being the guiding force.


-          Next time we vote [ and we do] we do it only to a person without a criminal background irrespective of his religion / caste / party etc.




The list is exhaustive and most of you my friends are aware about it all . But pause for a moment and think.




What is the proportion of railway employees ‘State wise’? Let any party come in power at the centre, Railway Ministry always goes to Bihar/UP. [ The reason my friends is because they have a separate Budget.] Even Orissa people expressed the opinion that it is easy to clear IAS but not railway examination. My other friend was right when he said the jails are filled with non Maharashtrians. [ Like Mr Manish Singh even I am doing what I can for them]  If a consensus is taken , out of the squatters on the Harbour line railway hardly 5 % will be Maharashtrians. Same with the poor women folk who are commercial s*x workers. Same with drug addicts. Please do not blame the common Marathi Manus. What he sees is the underbelly of the State from where the people came. Rich influential people will never migrate. He has yet to see the Zamindars of UP and Bihar and yet to see what good things these States have to offer. His views are moulded by what he sees around him and by the newspapers.




I am proud to state that being a Maharashtrian , best of my near and dear friends [ some 25 odd years ] are non Maharashrians. Newspapers report the utterings of politicians in a irresponsible manner. In no way can one person be held responsible for the arson carried out. Raj expresses the common sentiments of the people. he does not create the sentiments.I do not justify beating of the job aspirants but to my mind it is a far greater crime what Railways tried to do by publishing the advertisement only in Bihar. Think over it my friends.




In our childhood we had the lesson of “ the Blind men and the Elephant’ . We all [ me included] are the blind men and each as per our knowledge describes the elephant to be as a wall, a rope etc. The elephant is Raj. Let us wait for the wise man [TIME/WAKT] to come forward to remove our blindness.







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