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illegal termination by the principal of la martiniere for bo

I work in kolkata's most prestigious school as an assistant teacher. My service was confirmed on the basis of my performance in the capacity of a 'COMMERCE & ACCOUNTS ' teacher and thereby i was made the permanent teacher of the institution. From the beginning of the session 2013 the principal forcefully thrusted on me to teach MATHEMATICS in lower classes which i am not at all conversant with. The principal after few months stared giving me threats that due to my inefficiency in teaching maths(even though my service was confirmed in the capacity of 'COMMERCE & ACCOUNTS teacher ), i should resign and he went on forcing me to put my resignation. When i refused to give my resignation , the principal by influencing the board of governors got my service terminated even though i was performing extremely well in my 'COMMERCE & ACCOUNTS subjects with the higher classes. Thus my confirmation of service was done on the basis teaching 'COMMERCE & ACCOUNTS subjects BUT my termination was thought on the basis of teaching another subject namely MATHEMATICS which i feel is very illegal and demeaning. Please advice me with your valuable suggestion.moreover this acting principal of  this school has forced a child to commit suicide by caning him severely and now he is planning to harass me and my family by taking my job away illegally .. i want to see the end to this take severe action . 

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Apparently the decision imposed on you to teach Maths was to prepare a ground fr termination?


Did you record demands of submitting resignation (audio/visual) or submitted representation in writing covering the demand? Do you have any witness?


Is the school a profit making establishment and Has the school registered under West Bengal Shops and Commercial Establishment Act?

Apply your resources and find out.

It should have displayed the registration certificate near entrance.



Teachers as per various judgments are not covered as a ‘Workman’ as in ID Act.


The school is affiliated to which Board?


Did the school, governing council issue any stinkers, notices, show cause notice to you and did you reply?


Are you member of united teachers associations?


You may download the service rules as per the Board guidelines, State Education Act, Directorate of Education and consult a competent and experienced Labor Consultant/Service Lawyer., show all docs and give inputs in person and proceed under expert advice of your lawyer.




la martiniere for boys is an ICSE and ISC School affiliated under the delhi school education act. i could not record or had any witness when the brutal principal forced me to place my resignation....... Moreover the subjects that i were teaching was dissolved due to which i think the principal terminated me. thus there was no requirement of me  and i thus became an extra teacher. this is what i am believing from my side...................... moreover the principal only gave me a warning letter and never gave me any showcause notice by which i could have explained my view.He thus played with my career and my life thereby..    . how can i put him into criminal cases though i have already taken him to high court under civil procedure? is that i am hindu that this christian principal has taken this step?????? Please help me in this matter with your valuable suggestions




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