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puneet saxena (student)     10 March 2012

Idea of 100% representation


Default election reforms: idea of 100% representation(critically examine)

i have posted this thread on facebook also and got many new ideas and argument against my ideas and the link is as follows
election reform: idea of 100% representation | Facebook

please add new ideas and give counter argument to other's ideas if you think that the idea should not be before rejecting anybody idea give some reason.

Electoral reform:

1.two round of election should be first round any number of people can contest for a seat and two candidates who will get more votes than other will contest for second round.

2. In present system one candidate win and has the power of giving one vote in parliament/assembly but in my proposed system there will be two representative from a seat and will have the voting power in parliament/assembly according to vote they got in second round of election(in percent).in this way hundred percent of representation of the constituency will go to the parliament/assembly.

i make it clear by an example.
let's assume there are six contestant in first round of election .first gets 30%, second gets 27%,third gets 23%, fourth gets 9% ,fifth gets 6%, sixth gets 5% of total casted votes. no one gets the support of majority of people but who will get 30% will win the election according to present every candidate tries to target some segment of people and win the election by targeting one or two segments of society (that is easy in our caste and religion based society)and do not care about the majority.

but when second round of election will be conducted according to my proposal then first candidate who got 30% and second candidate who got 27% will contest the election and will try hard to get more votes to get more voting power in parliament/assembly.

suppose in second round one gets 70% of total casted votes and other will get 30% of total casted votes. so first has 0.7 voting power and second has 0.3 voting power.this will represent total casted votes that is 100% representation.

3. compulsary voting should be there.if anyone does not cast his/her vote he/she should be legally obliged to give reason with affidavit for not casting vote that is more inconvinient than casting vote.compulsory voting is needed because if voting turnout is 50% and any one gets 70% votes that's mean he represent only 35% voters of total voters.that's mean proper representation in not going to parliament/assembly.

4. with the use of technology we can make voting easy. we should allow everyone to cast his/her vote by using UID card from any where in india.

5.election of all assembly, local bodies, parliament should be done simultaneously.

6.right to reject option should be there.

7. right to get back my representation from my MP/MLA instead of right to recall:

in every constituency there should be some definite place where anyone who is not satisfy from his leader can cast negative vote against him by using his/her UID card.and the result of these negative votes should be declare every year. these negative votes will decrease the voting power of one leader and increase the voting power of other and so will also affect the govt.
for example suppose, there are two leaders A and B of a constituency with voting power of 0.7 and 0.3 . after one year of election A get 15% of negative votes while B gets 5% negative votes then after one year A's voting power will be 0.6 and B's voting power will be 0.4 .

this process also affect the govt. at present the govt. does not have the majority of voters representation because the MP/MLA does not represent the majority but in my proposed system no govt. can be formed without more than 50% voters representation.

8.a candidate should be allowed to fight election from one seat only.

9.every constituency should have two jansansad(one for each because there will be two winning leader from a constituency).every leader has to sit in jansansad for some definite days in a year and by doing this, leader will know about the real problems of the public and will has to solve the public problem and will know public opinion about particular issue.

10. a mobile phone can be used to get the opinion of public about particular issue. a leader or govt. can get public opinion about particular issue by sending them questionnaire at mobile phone.every voter who has mobile phone can register his/ her mobile no. in election voting id card/UID card(with election commission or with any other authority who will help leader to get public opinion).

11. a contestant should be local to the constituency or have been living there for last 10 years in the constituency from which he/she wants to contest election.otherwise outside celebrity will come and may win the election by riding on people's impulse. in Moradabad UP Azharuddin won the MP election in spite of having corruption charges and nothing knowledge about the constituency and about people's hope. he is from Andra pradesh.

please critically examine it.


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