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Tejal (house wife)     12 December 2011

I want to get back my certificates, passports & other stuffs

Hello to LCI members.


I think you all had read my story & after getting help from LCI i dont afraid of my inlaws.


When they throughn me out from their house, i did not take anything. They put my jeweleries in their bank it is a very hard procedure to get back & i dont want to involve in it as i focusing in my career.


But My pass ports & certificates are at their home & i need them. & i also dont want them to blakmel me from my those stuffs for divorce.& also my cloths , my atm card, cheque books,some documents of my father & some morre personal stuffes. How can i get them back without involving police? Can i go to the NGO for asking a help to get my stuff back.


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Kumar Doab (FIN)     12 December 2011

While you may adopt the legal route to obtain from your in laws, you may also apply for duplicate copy of your educational qualification certificates, passport, from respective school/college/univ/passport authorities.

Tejal (house wife)     12 December 2011

but these all are very longer procedure. Cant i ask NGO to come with me at my inlaws home as they are refusing to come in side the house & give my stuff back.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     12 December 2011

If any litigation is going on, it shall be appropriate to take advice of your lawyer and take the help of the legal forum where the litigation is going on.

If dialogue is still open it shall be appropriate to go with mediators of repute to peruse and collect the certificates and avoid any altercation that may result in a dispute and litigation.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     12 December 2011

They can refuse anyone to enter thier house.





Shonee Kapoor


The only option is to apply for duplicates . And even if they had kept all these in the locker they might as well have removed it from there and there is always the chance that they can deny that you have not handed over anything to them .

Tejal (house wife)     13 December 2011

Isnt there any lie detector test or narco test in family court  from which judge can find that which party is lying ? Because some times Inlaws Lies that they dont have anything of their DIL.& some times DIL Lies that my inlaws had took all my things.

Raj Vikram Singh (Software Engg)     13 December 2011

Wish, if there could be such test present; Then we all; who are suffering from false cases from wifes will not be in such situation

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Self service (None)     13 December 2011

Well, you won't get any thing also you wrote you don't want to be black mailed based on documents. So defiently if that is case they will not give you some thing that they can use as evidence.

Only thing start collecting duplicates...

Self service (None)     13 December 2011

ATM CARDS CHEQUE Books..cloths all these thngs have no real value. You can ask bank to deactivate old and issue  you new. or close account and open new. Cloths any way you can buy from market.... Father document ..collect duplicates.

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     13 December 2011

Definitely with the help of police you can recover them, but you do not want that procedure.  Then, NGOs (even the National Commission for women, which is a statutory authority) have no legal authority  to enter into any one's house to recover the things.  Then, there left only two options-one to invoke criminal court power or civil court power.  If you invoke criminal court power, then again only police can recover those things.  If you invoke civil court power you can get a decree to recover those things and also injunction for not misusing them during the pendency of civil suit.. Civil suit takes its own time and incurs costs also.  Alternatively, apply for duplicate certificates and close bank accounts to prevent misuse.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     13 December 2011

Istri Sabha comprising of seasoned ladies in such cases may succeed, by mediation, as seen in some cases.

Usually a sensible family however mighty they may be, shall not enter into any altercation with senior and seasoned ladies from  Istri Sabha, who does not shy from giving witness to police/court and lodge a compliant, on behalf of aggrieved lady.

You should proceed as suggested by learned experts/members to obtain duplicate copies, and close bank a/c and ATM card.


Serve them with legal notice to handover your personal belongings, as they don't have any right to withhold such thinks just to emotionally blackmail you and to play with your career.


You must also approach various NGOs to help you. Besides, bring the fact to the notice of the media to intervene and broadcast such instances to the notice of the public that may help make a public opinion in your support.

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