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I suspect the judge bein influenced

Page no : 2

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     20 May 2011

if yyour case going under hindu m a, take help from the following -

If the opponent is in use of delaying tactics file a petitio


Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     20 May 2011

Now the opposite party has taken a stupid petition to Supreme court after the petition was dismissed from High court.The opposite party knows that the petition is baseless and will be dismissed from Supreme court


---   the boy has the right to go to sc. it can not be stopped.


is the girl getting maintenance or is her maintenance petition pending? then she can easily get the cost of the petition. otherwise she has to file maintenance petition alongwith expences of litigation.


at the end when you will won you may claim for litigation expencess.

karan singh (none)     20 May 2011

Thanks Arup and everyone else,will talk to lawyer about this act.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     20 May 2011

Can the girl claim for the advocate expenditure from the opposite party asr his case has been dismissed from the High court because the boy is missusing his rich back ground and dragiing her to high court and supreme court which is causing lot of financial loss for the girl ?


---  at sc in what stage the petition lie right now?

if it is admitted and you are invited to reply, then instead of direct reply, raise the point of litigation expencess and claim

if it is not yet accepted, then just wait and see.

rajshree (freelance)     21 May 2011

As per law, if the case is filed by the husband then he is supposed to remain present and prove the case first and if the case is filed by the wife she is supposed to remain present and prove her case.

The respondent's stage is next, so you can proceed for your part by seeking start of cross/trial if you were petitioner. You do not really need to wait for the opposite party.

If the other party's lawyer is absent as well, you can ask the court to send notice. If still they do not appear, you can seek ex-parte decision.

R Kumar (Advocate)     21 May 2011

There is no need to file any transfer application. Your problem belongs to your mind. You are in doubt because case is being delayed. I would like to advise you to file a writ petition in the High Court and seek direction of the High Court to decide the case with in two or three months. It will definitly solve your problems.

Vishwa (translator)     26 May 2011

It is a basic fact that there are many corrupt judges. I know a particular judge whose corrupt behaviour is known to all the lawyers in his court still no one dares to do any thing. He was without posting for some time after working as a Sessions Judge. He now has an even better posting, where he can presumably continue his corrupt way of life. He is backed up by powerful members of the ruling party at the state level.

What I am trying to say is one has absolutely no chance of obtaining any justice if the judge is corrupt. It is best to take the worst scenario and try to work from there.

It is when I see (and hear) such things that my heart goes out to the Naxaiites and Maoists. Perhaps they are on the right track after all.

If anyone wants more details about this corrupt judge he she is welcome to contact me by private msg or email.




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