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i have a rock solid case against cic/ic

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I have six order of the Hon'ble CIC/IC ML Sharma on the following issues:

a) Seeking information from the Canteen Stores Department Adelphi, Mumbai Min of Def GOI on number of URCs ( Unit Run Canteens) being run by the Regular Military Units and by the military establishments like audit departments, DRDO etc along with the strength of the eligible customers).- CPIO as well as First Appellate Auth denied me info invoking Sec 8 (1) (J) ( INFO IF PROVIDED WILL ZEOPARDISE THE INTEGRITY OF INDIA) / JAG Br Army noting sheet ( that URCs are not under RTI Act). The issue reached CIC and was heard by CIC/IC Sri ML Sharma who is holding the min of Def portfolio for an unreasonably extended period as CIC fails to reshuffle works due to inherent weaknesses). Sri Hon-ble ML Sharma was kind enough to order the CPIO to provide me the numerical figure of number of URCs being run by Regular as well as non-regular military outfits with a rider not to provide locations of the URCs ( which was never asked for ) and nothing about strength of the eligible customers for both the categories as sale of URCs is 3 times more that that of total Defence Budget....One need not stretch too much to find the link.

b) Running of appx 4000 URCs selling CSD goods ( 668 URCs by min of def departments who are not even eligible to avail CSD facility) there are at the least 3 times the number of canteens /shops/clubs/restaurants/Malls and super markets are being run on the def lands and built up accommodations all for the catchy phrase 'welfare of the troops' and with non-public funds. Non-miilitary establishments such as Controller of Defe Accounts which are supposedly the watch dog to stop such gross misuse of military lands and accommodations at the cost of exchequers are in hands and glove with the armed forces to run commercial complexes inside their accommodations only for profits. A few bucks as low as Rs 5 per square meters is being paid for the commercial ventures where crores of rupees of goods getting clean exchanged. I asked for the data for the Secunderabad cantonment with some success. I wanted the same info for our capital city Delhi. It was denied by the Military authority as well as Principal Controller of Defence Accounts in some pretext or others. Matter reached to Sri Ho'ble Sharma at the CIC. and you know the answer..in his order Sri Hon-ble Sharma stated that CPIO's defence that a considerable time and resources would be lost to collect infor requested and hence  appellant to move from Secunderabad to Delhi to inspect the documents himsef --As per CIC/IC that was  a fair deal ( DEAL???) and hence appeal is dismissed. The info as per the govt order is available with the office of the Garison Engineers for the units  under its responsibility and a monthly return is submitted to the Def Accounts ..But look at the magnanimity of our CIC/IC.

c) The same report or the info is available with the Concerened CDA office. But PCDA , Delhi snowballed my query to PCDA Chandigarh and then back to sqaure one. CIC /IC  Sri Hon'ble Sharma was again very very kind to those premier audit offices ..for denying me the info held centrally with them..this time i was instead accused of asking ominous queries .

I think RTI activists need to agitate on the issue how Sri Hon'ble Sharma is still continuing uninterrupted with the defence portfolio where reshuffling should have been done long long ago..Is that just a coincidence or there is deeper conspiracy within CIC?

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I am submitting a query to seek following info from CIC :

a) When Sri ML Sharma was appointed as one of the IC/CIC?

b) Whom did he replace and when will he retire?

c) Was the Min of Defence Portfolio along with its pending cases inherited from the previous IC/CIC ?

d) Is that IC is still functioning as one of the IC minus the Min of Def Portfolio?

e) Status of the pending cases when he took over eg Number of Second Appeal in respect to Min of Def Portfolio eg at the fresh Dak, admitted hearing not scheduled, hearing scheduled but not heard, heard but order not passed, order passed but held with his worthy Dy Registrar for intimation to the appellate etc, multimember bench ordered ?

f) No of pending cases inherited in respect to Min of Def heard and finally settled, hearing ordered and still at the fresh Dak ? Which one was the oldest when he took over and which one is now?

g) No of cases added during his tenure in respect to Min of Def and how many have been settled as of now ? Which one is the oldest still at the fresh Dak, with his worthy Dy Registrar and awaiting admittance with him for scheduling date of hearing?

For Min of Def Portfolio only:---

h) In how many cases Sri ML Sharma have ordered the CPIO to disclose information completely  and partially ?

j) In how many cases he has penalised the CPIO/PIO for not disclosing the info. What is the total amount of money on account his verdict on penalisation of the CPIO/PIO been ordered and how much actually deposited thus far?

k) When the Min of Def Portfolio was last reshuffled ? Who was holding charge for the same and for how long? How long Sri ML Sharma is holding onto this very important portfolio and why there is no reshuffling done on the work allotments? 

l) If work allotment in respect to other departments within the ICs has taken place why there is such an exception for the Min of Def portfolio?

m) Is there a meeting scheduled to reshuffle the work allotment? If yes when? If not why not?

n) How many cases are pending with the courts against the judgement of Sri ML Sharma in respect to Min of Def second appeals.

o) How many cases were referred to CIC for full bench hearing against order of Sri ML Sharma and reversed in respect to Min of Def cases?

p) From which department Sri KL Das , the Dy Registrar is deputed to ICs handling Min of Def Portfolios? Has he been associated with the Defence portfolio since his deputation to CIC? Was he ever been reverted back to his parent ministry? If yes when and for how long?

r) Did he get any promotion while on deputation at the CIC? If yes how many ? Who were the Initiating officers?

I need some help in getting it absolutely right to cause maximum effect on the working of the CIC especially handling of cases by Sri Hon-ble ML Sharma in respect to Min of Def portfolio. It is very very disturbing that people like him be allowed to continue at that august office..there is shame in getting our energies merged and directed against the wrong people..


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I engaged RTINATION paying them online for the RTI query..I do not know whether they are genuine or fake ..has anybody  engaged them before?




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