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Sciallsolle   30 May 2023

Husband sadly died and his daughters might want to take ownership of the house we both bought

Hello and thanks for your help.

Let me give some context.

I arrived at United States some years ago and married my beloved husband who already had two daughters in his previous marriage. We bought a house but since I was new in United States I did not have enough credit build up.

Having that into account we decided it was for the best, that we will buy the house under his name and I will pay from my money the 20% down payment. Since it is required for the loan company to make sure the money has being given as a gift, I signed a document stating that I was giving the money to my husband as a gift.

Various years past and the majority of the mortgage monthly payments were paid by me and sadly my husband recently died of cancer.

My concern is that now, it seems their daughters will own have of the property and since I am not part owner on paper, they will be able to have half of the house.

I don't much source of income, nowhere else to live. This house is everything I have and was counting on renting the extra rooms to maintain the house. In other words, the idea was to make the house a source of income while living there and working part time jobs.

Is there a way to get full ownership of the house considering I paid the downpayment and most of monthly payments, even though I signed a document signing the money was a gift?

I know looks bad thinking on this while my beloved husband just died, but I don't want the stress of not having nowhere to live.

Thanks again for your help.

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Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     31 May 2023

You are right, the daughters will claim share as you have gifted the money to your husband. It is better to talk with your step daughters may be they understand your worries. Legally the house is on the name on your husband and  his ever legal heir has the right on that.

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