husband made a will for girlfriend

My husband left me 1 year ago and was living in another city before his death. My husband didn’t leave a single penny for me and his daughter after his death. Instead He made a will and gave 75% of his lifetime earnings to his girlfriend and 25% to his blood relatives (brother & sister). How can I file a legal case against Will and get my money back from his girlfriend?

As far as I know, WILL written by a person is final if written in good mental health. He made a WILL and registered it in good health so I can’t prove that his mental condition was not good at that time. Is there a way to cancel or reverse the WILL? or there is no way now to get it back from his girlfriend. What can I do in this situation?

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There is no legal action you can take.

1. It is his money and property with which he can deal in any way he feels like.


2. The instant will if registered as per law  is valid and to be honoured.



You want money?

Please work for your own living, and stop dreaming about getting any money that you have NOT EARNED yourself !!!

As they say: Easy money .....goes easy !!!

You still want easy money? Then instead of challenging your husbands will, sit outside temples, and you can beg for easy money !!!

BOTTOM LIVE: God has not made you handi-cap right? Then why you want money that you have not earned?


If there is any ancestral property involved, then bequathing the same via Will is not an option for your late husband. However, if the Will only talks about his lifetime earnings and personal money then the same cannot be questioned. Also, if the Will is not registered then you can try questioning the authenticity of the Will in the Court.




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