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lucky12321 (Job)     22 July 2016

Husband denied physical relationship with wife

Hello All,

My wife is pressuring me for a baby but I don't want a baby right now because our future is dark due to her abusive and suicidal behavior. I have clearly said ist change your behaviour after that only we will think about baby due to her behaviour we don't have a  Physical relationship since more than 8-9 months.Just want to know if I as a husband denied for a physical relationship with wife does it's come under cruelty i.e. Husband doing cruelty on Wife?

If I file Divorce in future in that case does above scenario not having S*X/Physical relationship with wife and always denied for S*X by husband make a Negative impact on my petition?

or if she does something crazy like suicide/attempt to suicide and left a note and mentioning above scenario in that case what will happen as I have already did a NCR against her regarding her suicidal & abusive behaviour.

Please suggest....




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saravanan s (legal advisor)     22 July 2016

denying s*x simply without any reason amounts to that case your wife might claim divorce on those grounds and not you since its you who is denying and not your wife.since you have made an nc about her suicidal behavior that will help you in the investigation in cvase your wife commits suicide

lucky12321 (Job)     22 July 2016

Thanks Saravanan for prompt reply i have a reason to denied the s*x is her attitude behaviour she always used abusive language give threats for suicide etc. that's the reason i said first change your behaviour after that we will think about baby.

Khush   22 July 2016

try to collect as many proofs as u can of her abusive and suicidal behaviour. the proofs will help u a lot. install secret video recorder in ur mobile phone, n u can make videos if she gets abusive and violent.


lucky12321 (Job)     22 July 2016

@Khush I have all the proof against her but my question is related to physical relation with her as she is pressureing me for baby and I always denied for s*x due to her abusive and suicidal behaviour so my question here is if she does something crazy and left a not in which she mentioned i did suicide becuase of No physical relationship with my Husband in that scenario as a husband what i will do...


Vibha   22 July 2016

  1. Your concern is genuine. If she does commit suicide then finger clearly points toward you. It is possible to defend using evidence in your hand but facing such trial can take a huge toll on your life. 
  2. Your attitude towards the relationship seems self defeating. If something is not working for you.... do something to improve the situation. Go for marriage counselling or try to improve your relationship in some other way. If you do not want to stay in the relationship, take steps to move out of it. Simply throwing your hands in the air and saying that wife has to change herself does not relieve your responsibility towards the relationship. The more distance you have as a couple the lower is the incentive for anyone to change anything.
  3. Maintaining status quo.. no s*x.. no prospect for children and no opportunity to change the situation does amount to extreme cruelty that can lead a wife to commit suicide. You can be held liable for creating this situation. 

lucky12321 (Job)     22 July 2016

@Vibha Thanks got your point...

Mukesh sharma (job )     23 July 2016

Hi lucky if you denied s*x with your wife without any reason that s came in crutly and she file case against you on this ground at these moment if you said her behaviour not good and she try to commit sucide some time than you denied realtion thats not matter 

you have not god reason on this ground you need to counslling with some relation expart and talk with both of you and try to solve your problem its effect your life and make change in your self she change too 

give some time to her and think about your relation 

thats good for you 

if you coould not want in realtion along than you need to file divorce what on this ground your wife got prefer much on your case behind your crutly not accept relation 


fighting back (exec)     23 July 2016

denying physical relation by you will only lead to filing for divorce on grounds of cruelty by your wife, nothing else, there is no need to fear anything, regarding suicide threats, you have already  informed the authorities by filing NC, so nothing to worry, you wont be punished in anyway for denying of physical relationship. it can only lead to divorce.

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