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how to quit a harassed relation.

couple both being a senior citizens . The Old lady aged around 65 yes has been married to the volient abusive partner at earliest age of 15yrs being unaware of basic living in a marriage life and was treated by her husband (who was an defence person in earlier stage of his life with bad character and behaviour)and in laws badly at native place and later after moving to metro city like Mumbai still at the age of 73yrs the husband is abusive, drunked men and does domestic voilence, the lady had no support from any one but looks upon their children to free her from such violence and abuses at the age 65 yes. Children being staying under such harss and fearful environment cannot make up the mind about how to get rid from such pshycopath abusive drunked father with introverts behaviour. Having 3 Children's aged between 35-42 years all of them are unmarried due to false impression from their father and false image created by him in the society showing how respectful and caring he is towards his wife and children and now the children also have realized that whatever that has affect their past and current life and living as slave and emotional fools with their dominating , abusive, voilent and threatening to kill and harm by their father.
In close relations and friends circle and in society he shows that he is very broad and open minded, rich person but in the house he is completely different evil person were all his evil thoughts and action are yield on the wife and childrens. the lady and children now realize that their life have been ruined by him and fear for their life and with little hope to cope out of this misery.

Seems like the old lady and children are not aware or not realising of any psychological problem their husband / father may be in.
as they say that he only listen and does things to person who talks good about him and does take their kids or wife advise about right and wrong he think they are fools and what he is doing is perfectly right. and later those scamming people would scam him but still he would go with that person. which are resulting into trouble life and hurdles to the lady and childrens.

I believe that its never too late than ever to start a better life even thou you are 65 years with 3 adult children and they have full right to live freely and under no fear and get out of such relations.

Please advice and help on a safe and secured way to tackle this problem and ways to settle at some safe place with their property and personal items & belongings.


The posting suggests no real issue. Let the senior couples live their own life.



What is your problem / locus standi / concern ?


In my view ,,be bold Mr Deepak and say a "big NO ", to your father, stand strongly and independently...your mother will join you very soon, by leaving her cruel husband. your strong position will make your mother strong to fight with all dangers to her life.

Thanks a lot on the advice Madam Ghazala This events are from my close friends relative. Hopefully should be helpful to them. They have approached me with the issue . Hopefully I will be standing strong and helpful in advicing them with some good expertise advice from people like you who may come across such cases and help them take rightful decision to live a decent peaceful life.
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SO you have no locus standie.


If someone has endured marriage for half a century then thinking of separation at this stage is comical at an age when generally faculties start dimming.


l don't think life is comical at any stage of life people should understand how valuable life is even if it is short or long lived relations. Here the client wanted ways to get out of a relation as looking on the client background, environment and from which harass conditions they have been surviving and bought out. It is always necessary to get into the shoes of the victim of what they have gone thru instead of just exagerrating things and make a judgement . Just need of guidance and counseling has help people to take right steps and decision to move ahead. it's like " Live and Let Live".



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