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sunny (hardware)     05 December 2016

How to make wife either to rejoin or file divorce by herself

Hi All,


Hi Lawyers,

a. My wife left in 7 month for delivery of child now my baby is 2 years .Where I am unable to play with baby and enjoy time. She is not willing to give me divorce ,mutual divorce or ready to comed down.

I request you to kindly let me know the process and procedure for getting divorce . HOW should I prove to the court.

b. I want to know what the precautionary steps I should take to save my myself and family memebers

c. I want to go for a lving relatioship as my wife dosent wnt to come down,.Even if she  files adultration/illigal relationship.I dont want to deceive a person who came trusting me.

I have enclosed her mind set. I would like to take each every one openion. What will be here future plans and next moves.Please advice me.

1.she has applied passort with from "G" single parent and got the passport for my child  to live abroad without giving divorce so that i cannot marry as per the law. Once left I am stuck with no options..

2. To join in the creach requires mimum 2 years in abroad so she is staying in india in her mothers house later want to move abroad.

What is that you want  ? ::

If you want me and kid she said will take a seprate house in chennai or else in abroad (As it is japan there is a language problem for me so that she can have full control as I need to ask her for each and every information).

My company dosent have a branch in chennai ?

As you know I work in bangalore, I told her you said last time you agreed  to stay seprate in banglore or pune now your saying "NO" , no know clearly that my job is in banglore and said will get the transfer as you have a branch there now your saying "NO" 

How are you going to manage kids when both of us are working ?

She said we will drop the kids in creach if we are in abroad and in chennai we will take house next to my mothers house, I said that is not fair we should take of my elder parents as your brother is taking care of your mother . when there are elders in home who will share there knowladge to kids and bring well up last 15 months your mother was enjoying with kid my parents too like to enjoy with there grand daughter, I willl not allow your parents to touch  the kid.

Control over me  ?

I asked her you want everying thing in your way and control me is wrong,

a.You cannot say that my parents should not enjoy with the grand daugher is wrong.

b.when you have option to move to banglore or pune still you did not opt for the same.

c. In japan as you know language, I have to depend for every information .

Life is getting ruined ?

My life is getting ruined here with out kid and wife your not allowing me to get married to some one nor your ready to live with me 

Japan plans?

She said I have lot of demand in japan .

If your not interested in living with me let go for mutual divorce ?

I asked her if your not interested in living with me then give me mutual divorce where there will be no problem for both  of us so that both lawyers either side will speak and sort out things. She said will not give mutual divorce.

Lets file a divorce ?

She said you file the divorce, then I will show the colours to your family and make sure every one is getting suffered. I will NOT file divorce.

With Regards



 7 Replies

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     05 December 2016

Go to her place and see child and talk to her directly. or else there are so many ways of communications facilities to get in touch with them.

Ms.Usha Kapoor (CEO)     05 December 2016

                      You bring a pretty stage actress of  EnglishTheatre and make her act like she is  your fiancee and create Jealousy in your  estranged wife's mind. Both  of you just act   as though you both are intimate with each other in front of your estranged wife. Once this is done youe  wife  would fight with you  and either may rejoin you along with your cute kid or or file for diovorce herself..All ends well that ends well.Good Luck!iF YOU APPRECIATE THIS ANSWER PLEASE CLICK LIKE BUTTON.

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A walk alone (-)     05 December 2016

You have two options 1) call her and message her to join you. In between call talk in such a way she herself accept that you and your family never torture or ask her dowry. Try to collect evidence of her job,cruelty and desertion . then After 2 year of separation file divorce on cruelty and desertion. Your recording and message s will help you in proving her desertion. It may be possible that she file 498a or dv or other case. But your recording and her job proof will help you in getting divorce. 2) its a best option to save your child future and your marriage. change your company. Find job in Chennai. She will join you. Your baby will live with you. As you say she want to keep baby in creache let her do. After sometime she will herself realize that grand parents can look after baby in much better way then baby in creache. It's your life choose any option. But before choosing first option just think about your baby as a father your first responsibility is your baby. Divorce will spoil your baby life. After divorce you both can remarry but what about baby? Your and your baby life will spoil in roaming courts. So Think as a father. Before thinking for divorce meet a child whose parents are divorced you will yourself saw your baby future ( if you file divorce)

sunny (hardware)     06 December 2016

Hi Sir,

I was doing that and given gifts and told to come down she many excuses to make and my family memeber should not be there.

Even I agree to her terms conviencing my parents, New excuse come to chennai and we should stay near to her mother house.

If I agree this again she will come back with someother excuses.

Please advice me


With Regards



sunny (hardware)     08 December 2016

Hi All,

I have multiple times told her just come down and lets live a happy life. I made her friend get involved and tried to resolve the issue  These are questions she has put forth to me before her friend.

1. Anyone can put the sperm inside.I can deliver the baby? So what is great about husband? 

2.. I will sell my baby?

3.What is the benefit I will get by doing service to you and your parents ? 

4.. By Giving lame excuses to prevent me to play with my baby after multipe request. she will show for 1/2hr and says need to go home.

5. See your face in mirror your my husband ?

6. I have asked her let stay away from both the parents  she has a condition in 100mts radius I dont want your parents to be there.

7.They can play with the baby under my observation only.

Her Mother words  

8. I can send Rowdys/Gudas to trash me and finish me off?

9.I have educated my child and why she should listen to me and follow my conditions even if she got married.

With Regards



sunny (hardware)     08 December 2016

Hi All,

First want to thank you all for helping me out and using your knowladge for helping others.

Hi autohide4u  :: If I would have agreed to her deamands I would have not found this forum and good advisors.As you all are exprienced and seen many cases. like this. Hence taking an advice and not to repent later for the putting a wrong step.

Hi A walk alone :; I have explained the same to her she said. her reply is I have money and I am educated can earn more in aborad. My mother raised me from 12 years when my father expired, so nothing great about it I can raise in the same way. Do I need you ?

Hi Ms.Usha Kapoor  :  I request you to kindly let me know the evidance I need to gather to safe gurad my family.Steps I need to take before sending her the notice

I hope I have ans

With Regads


Nonu Khera   08 December 2016


I would advice you to file a suit for the restitution of conjugal rights and also a petition under gusrdians and wards act for seeking the custody of the minor child. Firstly if you file the suit for restitution of conjugal rights then your case will be reffered to the mediation center for mediation between you and your wife which may be fruitful otherwise proceed with your case and obtain a decree from the court and if she doesnt comes back within one year of the decree then you will get a ground for divorce. secondly if you file petition under guardians & wards act then the court will atleast direct your wife to allow you to meet the child on alternative days. This will also create pressure on your wife.

Apart from the above advice if you want to come forward and to play on front foot then you file a petition for divorce on the groung thet your wife is pressurizing you to leave your parents and to live seperately with her. Recently the Hon'ble Supreme Court has held the same to be a valid ground for divorce.


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