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Harassedexhubby (self)     06 August 2015

How many 498a? how many jailspaces?

Can some body tell the world,

How much Jail space is available in India?

What is the total number of 498a cases?

What is the approx prisons budget?

What will happen if all jails are full?


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Laale di jaan,

Aise toh jail kam hi hongne.

Par men are also baster ds, they take money, illtreat women, ask more money in dowry as if they are beggars, if they cant maintain wife with their money, why simply marry them?

It is becoz of men greed for dowry 498a came into existence + greed of more power in politics, politicians made sure each man is screwed by giving full power to woman, so when you vest so mch power in one person, then result is like this only. Sad.

Vote wisely.

SuperHero (Manager)     07 August 2015

If all jails are full, The Government will do a paper notification for bidding the Contracts and some 5th generation minister relative will get the contract and will become rich in few months. 

Other states will follow because it generates money. Money Makes Many Things.

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Harassedexhubby (self)     07 August 2015

Hello @Gyaan Prakash ji, Dont generalise all Men.. This is like saying all dogs are female dogs or male dogs..

498a came into existence because governments decided to screw up peoples marriages because the legal/NGO/corporate lobby was out of work.. Not because dowry was the problem..

SuperHero (Manager)     07 August 2015

@Harassedexhubby - I see 498a has come because in 80's 90's, 2000 - 2015 period some where or the other Women are still facing dowry harassment problems.

Now the new word is called as GIFT giving process.

If we go back in 80's or 90's time where they have killed the DIL with Kerosene or Gas Cylinder just because of GREED for More Money.

I guess All those Women cursed that Men should suffer and now is 498a, but FALSE 498a triggered by Womenwill definitely become boomerang.

Harassedexhubby (self)     08 August 2015

@SuperHero I dont appreciate dowry harassment or any harassment..why are you so sure all gas cylinder/kerosene are only because of Dowry? May be the wife was upto some other mischief and was the actual harasser and the groom's families aggression blew out of proportion because of the wives harassment??

I dont believe in the argument that this law was meant to save/protect the woman.. I only believe these 498a, DVs etc. are meant to break up the family for larger economic reasons. first the joint family then the nuclear family... More houses more expenditure, More cases more money rotation etc.. No family means work more hours like a slave and die of depression at your work place..:)

DV laws were made in the West and 498a type laws were made in India.. and all of them were a tool to break the family system for economic reasons..


SuperHero (Manager)     08 August 2015

Each case is different. For me it may be right for the other person it may be wrong and for the third person the first 2 persons view might be wrong.

There is nothing Right or Wrong. Thinking Makes it So.

deep (deep)     08 August 2015

But I HV heard hardly conviction s there in 498

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